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Detailing & Appearance Discuss washing, waxing and detailing information as well as interior/exterior cosmetic modifications. This includes neons, body, cosmetic wheels, etc. Even under the hood detailing.

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Hey im in Niagara alot i almost live there in the summer i should be up there in a few weeks if you haven'* cleared your corners by then i could help you out with that and, If the roads are nice take you for a spin in a GXP.
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I'm 18, my parents also gave my my '93 Bonneville SSE (Still under dad'* name but its basically mine) At first (before i drove it) i didn't want it, I was gonna fix up the '83 Ford Ranger in the back yard, once i started driving though the Bonneville grew on me and i didn't want to get anything else, then i joined the club and I was hooked for sure, I love this car, no intentions of ever getting rid of it. You can see my CarDomain for everything i have done (and tons of pictures) if you click on the little 'www' button right under my post.

You'll come to love this car the more you drive it, your friends will probably like it too, i kinda like the idea that maybe they think its a grandma car, leaves 'em surprised later! The Bonneville Itself is different from everyone else.

Sorry you got flamed so much, I guess you came off the wrong way at first, there is definatly ways to make your bonne look meaner/faster/cooler, mostly custom jobs though, as said before not much aftermarket if at all for these cars...

look forward to some pictures! and good luck with your probably new addiction
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Originally Posted by J Wikoff
There are no SSEi specific taillights for 96+.

Superman, you can do what ever you like to your car. There aren't too many parts made for exterior mods. You can do your own clear front corners or maybe find them on eBay. A rear spoiler will be hard to find that looks and sits right. Find some wheels that look good for the color of your car (115x5 bolt pattern, 40ish offset, IIRC). Ventshades, tint, neons, tinted taillights, dual outlet muffler with some nice chrome tips, brows on the headlights, angel eye fogs, .....

In the end, does it really matter if some people here don't like it? Do it right and I'll give you props.
this is what i've been looking for the whole time someone who will give me support
im not gunna be keeping this car forever
as a matter of fact i got a couple of g'* saved since i was 14 for a car when im a bit older
this right now is for me to work on and practise stuff im learning in auto
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here is my .02 cents worth. there is a high school kid here where I live and he hangs out with all the "ricers" and I live right by where they like to hang out so when the weather is nice I go by and laugh at all the stupid nonfunctional things put on these car and talk to the ppl. They all respect that car because they all say it is really quick and as far as I know it is stock. my suggestion is to keep it till you are out of high school and college if you can and if you want swap a l67 supercharged motor in there or go with whats "popular" and put a cartuning turbo kit on it. I have personally beat a good chunk of the local ricers in my NA bonne. I am by NO MEANS endorsing street racing but you will have a car that will be feared with the right mods put on it. I have also taken a good friend out and let him drive it and he loved the ride and the throrrle response. Just because everyone else is doing it does that mean you have to do it too. Sorry the practical side has come out in me
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After the flamefest ran down, I started to see responses I agreed with.

Looks are subjective. It'* all about your own personal taste.

Some guys like 26" chrome wheels on an Escalade, whereas I'm more the 35" mud tire on teflon black wheels on a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

Just depends on what you like.

If you don't plan on painting the car, I'd avoid doing anything on the exterior that clashed with the stock paint scheme. Don't paint, like, your gas filler door, or your mirrors or some crap like that. It never looks cool. Just gets you made fun of.
- P.*. ---->> No neon. It'* just dumb. That is, unless your car is silver, white, or black. Not a lot of purple, real red, pink, hot green, or electric blue factory-painted bonnevilles out there.

Window tint is always good. I don't know anyone who doesn't like SOME level of tint on the windows.

Wheels and tires can completely change the way a car looks. Choose carefully, though, or you'll get made fun of.

Maybe some smoke license plate covers or frames that don't scream "white trash."

Really, though, it'* hard to "pimp" a bonneville. The body design just doesn't lend itself well to the "rice" effect.

Tint. Wheels/Tires. I think those are the two biggest things I can think of. On the wheels/tires subject, check around this board and see if anyone'* got a set of stockers off of their newer/different bonneville or other GM front-driver, but with generic center caps.

Enjoy your free car for what it is, man. Just a nice cruiser that'll get you around.

Beats the hell outta the 4-speed no AC-having vinyl-seat VW Rabbit I had for my first car, by leaps and bounds, and I paid for mine....

Now i'm depressed.
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