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Default A conversation about cheap rust/paint tips.....

I had a good chat w/ 91_bonneville_le tonight about his car.
He really likes his 91, but he feels it'* beyond repair.
Personally I don't like to see any car sent to the junkyard, so I decided to chat with him about fixing it up.

The following is the conversation.... it'* mostly about rust repairs.. so I figured I'd post it here to see if anyone had any other helpful tips for him.
Basically he wants his ride to look and run good..... we are trying to stop and prevent more rust on the car, while doing this cheap, so that the big money can be spent on running the car well.

Anyways... here'* the conversation....
(cut paste from MSM log and the names have been put manually in so you know who said what... )

91_bonneville_le - yeah but mines junk
Merlin 91/97 - it'* a hard call to make.... to get rid of a car or to fix it up
Merlin 91/97 - if I hadn't done all the repairs on my 91 SSE... it would be junk too
91_bonneville_le - that has been keyed egged has a bronken windheild, no ac, tilts broke, needs gril, bumpers lights, driver turn signah, hail damage, intereor is like perfect one hole in the drive side seat, pioneer 6x9s, needs a radiotor, pait and som bondy work, prob a new trannie, its shakes when i take off, has a set of good tires on it, i am fixing the back tire it has a leak next check but what do you think i
Merlin 91/97 - 5 months after I bought the car in 2000, the engine completely died... that was a $4200 repair
Merlin 91/97 - and that was only the start
91_bonneville_le - so is it worth it?
Merlin 91/97 - I've replaced EVERTHING in that car
Merlin 91/97 - the last thing to go was the tranny last month
Merlin 91/97 - and hell yes it'* worth it
Merlin 91/97 - the rust repairs and a new paint job set me back $2500.... that was last year
91_bonneville_le - i love my car when i deliver papers in the morning i c it and i just love the bk of it its diff and then i see the front a beat up old car
Merlin 91/97 - then $2700 for tranny and misc repairs this year
Merlin 91/97 - not to mention $2000 for struts and misc repairs the year before last... and all the regular maintance stuff... tires etc oil etc
91_bonneville_le - well maybe i wi ll put a rebult trannie and re do it
Merlin 91/97 - I put a lot of work and money into my 91
Merlin 91/97 - and now look at her... not to brag... but she'* HOT
91_bonneville_le - yeah
Merlin 91/97 - but you can't fathum(sp) the work/money I had to put into her
Merlin 91/97 - my fiancee and my parents will speak to that... lol
91_bonneville_le - maybe iw ill put som money into hey
Merlin 91/97 - take care of her... baby her and she'll take care of you
91_bonneville_le - i need alot thow
Merlin 91/97 - so did I
Merlin 91/97 - just do a little at a time
Merlin 91/97 - and save for the big stuff
91_bonneville_le - i am guessing tht you would say one thing at a time dont send a nother bonnie to a junk yard
Merlin 91/97 - oh btw... keep in mind all the prices I gave to you were Cdn
Merlin 91/97 - just so I don't totally scare you
91_bonneville_le - yeah
91_bonneville_le - i was gonna say tarnne is like 500 here
Merlin 91/97 - in the meantime... here'* some tips
Merlin 91/97 - drive her easy... don't race or run her hard
Merlin 91/97 - ok
Merlin 91/97 - she'* a 91.... really really old... hehe... take it easy on her and you'll extend her life
Merlin 91/97 - I know you'll wanna drive her hard and challenge the stupid ricer next to you at the red light
Merlin 91/97 - but just remember that you ARE hurting YOUR car
91_bonneville_le - yeah
91_bonneville_le - i love the way they handle thow
Merlin 91/97 - next.... Rust Check
91_bonneville_le - i have a * turn iin my town
Merlin 91/97 - that stuff in a can ... pink and smells like cream soda
91_bonneville_le - i dont have alot of rust just in the sil and in the fenders
Merlin 91/97 - coat anything that looks like rust with it
Merlin 91/97 - buy like 2 cans and go over your car... find any rust spot and coat them heavily
91_bonneville_le - ok
Merlin 91/97 - wash your car at least once a week
91_bonneville_le - does it come off when i get a new paint job
Merlin 91/97 - before (or after) you wash it... when it'* dry... put a few spot coats of rust check on it
91_bonneville_le - ok
91_bonneville_le - if you have any serious spots of rust... sand them done as best as you can
91_bonneville_le - yeah
Merlin 91/97 - if there is a hole, don't worry to much about it
Merlin 91/97 - just make sure you get ALL the rust
Merlin 91/97 - then coat it with rust proof... same brand as rust check... only grey can
Merlin 91/97 - and it comes out like grey paint
91_bonneville_le - ok
Merlin 91/97 - this will prevent the rust from spreading
Merlin 91/97 - now... your car isn't going to look too pretty at this point
Merlin 91/97 - but at least you are taking care of it
Merlin 91/97 - and stopping the rust from spreading.... thus costing you more money in the end
Merlin 91/97 - if you want (after you put the rust proof on) you can buy a can of near-match spray paint and paint it
Merlin 91/97 - it won't be perfect, but it will make it look a bit better
91_bonneville_le - yeah
91_bonneville_le - is hail damage hard to get out
Merlin 91/97 - don't worry about that
Merlin 91/97 - when you have your car painted
91_bonneville_le - yeah but when i get it repainted i want it to be great agin
91_bonneville_le - have them repair the rust and bang out the hail damage
Merlin 91/97 - I had a few dents in my doors and 1/4 panels
Merlin 91/97 - I just had them fix them, along w/ the rust, before they painted it
91_bonneville_le - i also have scatches and egging marks
Merlin 91/97 - both those will be fixed by painting
Merlin 91/97 - in the mean time you can buy the 2in1 scratch fix paint
Merlin 91/97 - it'* like $10
Merlin 91/97 - it'* like a paint pen & brush
Merlin 91/97 - just pick the color that closest matchs your paint
Merlin 91/97 - the rust check and rust proof along with the spray paint of near-match and the 2in1 scatch fix paint will probably run you a grand total of under $40 USD
91_bonneville_le - ok ok
Merlin 91/97 - then spend an afternoon fixing her up... to make her look pretty
91_bonneville_le - these are ssom great tips
Merlin 91/97 - trust me... after working all afternoon on the car... you can't help but take pride in it
Merlin 91/97 - even it it'* not 100%.... it'll be a step in the right direction
Merlin 91/97 - again.... you can't expect everything to be done at once.... just a little at a time
91_bonneville_le - yeah i have som egine work tht needs to be down like oil gasket and tarnnie and raditor
Merlin 91/97 - if you're saving like $300 USD a month.... you could probably afford the rust/dent repairs and a paint job in a month or two
Merlin 91/97 - btw... goto a place that you know well.... and will do BOTH rust repair/dent repair and paint
Merlin 91/97 - don't goto maccco
Merlin 91/97 - and don't goto the cheapest place
Merlin 91/97 - if a place is REALLY cheap... it'* cheap for a reason
91_bonneville_le - i got a guy tht lives down the street with me
91_bonneville_le - from*
91_bonneville_le - and he does som greats hit
Merlin 91/97 - do the minor rust repairs now
Merlin 91/97 - it'* cheap and it'* a "do it yourself"
91_bonneville_le - yeah
Merlin 91/97 - but DON'T get a new paint job yet
Merlin 91/97 - you're first MAJOR PRIORITY should be getting the car RUNNING good
Merlin 91/97 - cosmetics is a distant 2nd
91_bonneville_le - yeah
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Default thanks for the help

but i dunno how long i am keeping this car i think a blew a piston in my cailper and i need new rotors and brake pads
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