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Default Lucernce Front Door Pillar Replcmt DIY

Since I'm the trailblazer on this one, I thought I'd write the "how to" and post the pics. I just bought a sweet '06 CXL, but both front door black pillar appliques had small dings that really showed up, as they are gloss black on steel. I ordered the Rt & Lft OEM units from GM Parts Giant for $30 less than the dealer price, delivered. It'* quite an operation, so let'* go:
1. Side view mirrors must come off. Lower the window. Unsnap and pull back the front top of the inside door panel to access the three 10MM nuts that anchor the mirror to the door. The door panel is just snapped in with plastic grommets around the perimeter of the door frame (See pic "LoosenDoorPanel.") You'll want to be very careful not to let that metal grip on the plastic clip pop off and get lost when you pull back black triangular part of the door panel that covered the mirror bolts. (See pic "RemoveMirror.") You may want to begin along the front vertical edge of the panel and work your way to the upper edge.
2. Gently pull away that upper corner of the door panel so you can reach in and unplug the two Jones plugs for the mirror controls. You don't have to mark the plugs, as each is a different size. Using a shallow 10MM socket wrench, loosen the three mirror anchor nuts. Take your time and carefully remove the nuts with your fingers. If you drop them, they will fall into neverland, in the bottom of the door. Slide out the mirror.
3. Remove the single Phillips screw that holds the far edge of the chrome window trim sill in place. It'* located inside, under the folded edge of the pillar applique (See pic "SillScrew.")
4. Gently pop up the front edge of the chrome window trim sill, being careful not to lose the cheap plastic friction piece on the snap tab. (See pic "SillFrontClip.") Now, gently unseat the sill from the front to the far end. It'* only held in place with friction clips.
5. Gently pull away the thicker inside window gasket from the door frame, noting which groove is seated on the frame. Then pull away the secondary gasket that is wedged into the applique. (See pic "FactoryRivets.") NOTE: If this secondary gasket pops out at the bottom, it must be re-seated perfectly, or the window will travel up the wrong groove and stick!
6. Now the fun part. (See pic "FactoryRivets" again.) It would seem the GM design team doesn't trust the UAW to handle trim screws. The appliques are RIVETED in!! Grab your drill and a fresh metal bit large enough to drill these darned things out. Of course, the rivets will start spinning and you'll need be apply extra pressure at an angled position to get through the rivets. NOTE: Keep your hands braced. If you suddenly slam thru the rivet and hit the door frame, you'll see a protrusion on the outside of the frame! I did this and got the t-shirt. It'* not a Mercedes. (Quick fix: cover the boo boo with construction paper and tap it down with a small tack hammer. Touch up with the bottle of touch-up paint from your '07-'10 Jeep, if it'* white. Perfect match.)
Gently pull away the applique from its position, noting how it seats over the gaskets.
7. Head to the bench and find some 1/2 inch sheet metal screws that are large enough to replace those %#@* rivets.
8. Now put everything back in place. NOTE: there is a gasket around the wires from the mirror. Remember to properly seat this in the wire chase hole. And make sure those window gaskets are properly re-seated. Test the window -- it should go up & down quickly.
9. Have a beer.
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