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Cool L27 to L67 Conversion Series I Buick'* 1994

Hello Everyone: I been doing a lot of research for my next project and I think this is the right place to share and exchange info since I saw that there was a similar project under Pontiac'* Bonneville.
I have a 1994 Buick Regal GS 4dr'* which has the L27 S1 and I basically want to swap engine and transmission with a 1994 Buick Park Avenue Ultra which has the L67 S1. Now I'm going to rebuilt both the Tranny and the engine of this Park Avenue before dropping it into my Regal. Sounds kinda easy but let'* go down to the details where I have doubts, and correct me if I'm wrong. First is the harness I know that the harness of my regal will fit into the L67, you know a couple of modes here and there but it will work. Second and my main concern will be the fuel system specially fuel pump, Will I need to swap the fuel pump from the Park Avenue as well or will my Regal fuel pump will work with the L67'* injectors and pressure?
Now for tune I know that gmtuners.com will help. But yeah I'm still researching before starting anything I have located the Parks Avenue L67 and Tranny already.

Any suggestions or comments regarding any trouble that you think I'm going to encounter?
I will appreciate any help. Thanks
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Typically the pumps push more than necessary. I know when guys swap the S2 L67'* into NA cars, they don't have to worry about the pumps unless they do big motor upgrades.

Seems like since you'll have the tune figured out. You should be all set.
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Alright, almost halfway done.. Is not going to be a 1994 Buick Park Avenue Ultra anymore. Is now going to be a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi with the S1 L67. I found this Bonneville which the body is or was a peace of junk badly but the car doesn't exist anymore is now flat on a recycle center. lol But I saved the motor and tranny which had around 95000 miles and are on good condition.

Now I talked to gmtuners.com and we find out that the harness will slide right in with no mods what so ever, and for fuel pump, they told me that I could use a fuel pump from a 1993 GMC Truck Typhoon 4.3L Turbo 6cyl which is the exact one of my regal but with higher pressure which will slide right into my fuel tank, in my Regal. For the tune it will be just a mod in the mem-cal/chip.

I've been doing now is trying to figure out how I'm going to attach upper motor mounts. My idea is get the Torque Strut Mount from 1996 and up L36 or L67 Regal which will have two. I know that my radiator support has the holes and will be easy. I got the brackets for the Torque Strut on the motor side and radiator support side. I actually got the bolts and the motor side brackets out of parts.nalleygmc.com and the struts and radiator support brackets from RockAuto.

Anyways I figured that I will get a new L67 motor from AutoZone and just add the external parts to it and have the tranny completely rebuilt and my L27 get the recent new stuff I put in like almost every sensor and external parts.

The goal is to have a "new" L67 S1 on a 1994 Buick Regal.

Although the L67 of the Bonneville I would be using not a lot just the important external parts like fuel line for the injectors, fuel injectors and mostly brackets, Valve covers, Supercharger, which I will have it rebuilt has well, Alternator, starter and anything else I'll need.

But I already have brand new, never used, lower intake manifold (which was a pain to find), throttle body with sensors like MAP etc. and the last thing I will get brand new is a timing cover, belt tensioners, serpentine'*, harmonic balancer, radiator, heater core and hoses.

Here are three pictures when I was taking the Motor and tranny out of the Bonneville. :hammerdude

By the way I have all the plastic covers.

and this is a clear picture of the Torque Struts of a L36 it would be like these but on my L67.

I'll be posting updates soon. Thanks
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