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Bel Vector 940. Best I've ever owned. I just got back from 1200 lead-foot miles in CA and OR. Trust me. No tickets
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Well, as mentioned before, I had that Uniden LRD777 available to me, so I took that instead. Since I plan on having the front one up so high, I am interested in a second for the rear (as willwren has mentioned), so all of your information is quite helpful. Thank you all!

I want to follow instructions (for the front detector, anyway) recommended in the following topic:

I especially like the fact that I can wire into the console overhead. I have some concerns about it, though:

1) Wiring into the Garage Door Openers is easiest, but it means the detector would be on all the time. The sunroof would be better (since it shuts off with the car), but it'* got a 4-wire harness. I do have a multimeter, but is it a shock risk to just test any random 2 of those 4 wires to find a ground and 12V? Is there a "best technique" for doing that?

2) If I wired through the Garage Door Openers (or even through the sunroof), I'll want an easy-access switch. All I have in my console is the Traction Control Button (2000 SE). Is it easy to get to that ground wire (and how do I get to it?), or should I look for something under my steering wheel...if there'* anything there at all? I could put the switch in the useless dash pocket to the left of my steering wheel.

3) Finding power and ground for the rear detector would be easy since the battery and fuse box is under the rear seat. But wiring a switch may not be easy because of item #2 above as well as running the extra wiring to the front. Is there an easy way to do that? Possibly above the headliner or under the carpet? Recommendations?

4) Can I take both detectors' ground wires to the same switch? (e.g. Attach both ground wires to one switch post, and then attach a ground to the other switch post.) Or would two incoming (12V -> Ground) lines attached to the same post cause electrical problems (meaning I'd need 2 switches)? Recommendations?

Let me know what you can.

Thanks guys!
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Originally Posted by LittleHoov
theres one advertised in Road and Track all the time that has some of those features, cant remember what is was called though. you might also wanna check if theyre legal in your state or you may not care.
Only in Washington D.C. & West Virginia I think. Also in Canada. Had a friend get his taken away at the border.
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the radar detector in road and track is called the valentine one. It has a read display and It is $400 and they claim it is better than the passport 8500 ($300). If I ever buy a radar detector it will probably be the passport 8500.
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i bought a escort 8500 and i got 2 speeding tickets in the same day both for going 15 over so any radar detector is junk i return the POS and got my 300$ back and once they get you with Laser your done spend your $ elsewhere
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