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BLACK94SSEi wrote:
Another thing I noticed is I tried looking up the sub box he has that appears to come built and prewired, but I only found the bandpass with 2 12'* not three as mentioned.
I also checked out Digital Audio'* website and could not find his box, only the same one that BLACK94SSEi mentioned. With that being said I would Not bet money on the fact that the box is wired correctly.

aCiD wrote:
$100 says phase issues.
I don't think that it is a Phase issue as it would take some serious sound wave cancellation to cause what he is discribing.

BonneMeMN wrote:
The stuff you listed for your subs leads me to believe they're not the best stuff out there by any means, but they should still make noise. MA wont put out advertised power @ normal car power levels until you have a competition power system, IMO i'd get something else for the money, but that'* another discussion.
I couldn't agree more.

bug wrote:
I have used a few of these MA audio amps in installations I have done. I know that they are quality amps.. and no, thats not a marketing gimick... the HK 2000D is a high current class D... With more voltage, It puts out more power and is built mainly for competition use, where most serious competitors use upgraded electrical systems.
When I said that that it is a "marketing gimick" what I ment is that the average consumer (even one with knowledge) will not always know or think to ask what Voltage these specs are for.
I know this from experience after watching the sales staff where I used to Install at (Big Box Retailer) sell customers on Amps with incorrect specs given. 99% of the time with no questions asked, even by knowledgable customers.

Perfect example;

mcnutz wrote:
This Amp is not going to produce 1800 Watts of power, unless you have a 17 Volt battery (or bigger) in the trunk that it is wired to. Good luck finding a 17 Volt Battery.

I only know of 16 or 18 Volt (for a Forklift) or a 24 Volt (for a Train).

Yes I know that these Amps can handle high Voltage. They are what is refered to by the older generation of Installers as "Cheater Amps" Rockford Fosgate & Orion were 2 of the first companies to perfect this.

I will agree with you on one thing.....he should have gotten the Amp you are refering to because an A/B Class Amplifer will have a cleaner signal coming out of it than a D Class.

To recap I would be willing to bet that it is either a setting on the Amp or incorrect wiring.
Probably just on High

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I've seen MANY systems sound as if they're not even on, simply due to phase issues, wave interference even though the woofers are moving +-3/4". It'* actually quite a mind boggling thing to witness.

EDIT: Looks like we're talking to ourselves neways
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