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Default Stalling etc fixed, My Story

1994 SE
Here is my story……..I am a noob mechanic by the way, and I spent a good deal of time on this forum troubleshooting my car.

Cars Symptoms---- Random stalling that progressively got worse

My cars symptoms were stalling mostly (I thought) going around turns, I thought it was something to do with the gas tank etc. then the car started to stall on the highway when cruising 65-75.

I found this website (Thank God for that) and started searching

I did what was suggested, (sorry if I get the names of the parts wrong)

-cleaned battery terminals
-cleaned the grounds under the carpet, cleaned the grounds in the engine
-tested packs, brought the ICM in to be checked, was fine
-Tune up, replaced plugs and wires
-tested TPS
-used Mass Airflow Sensor cleaner (didn’t notice anything)
-New battery
-‘smacked’ the ECU a few times and unplugged then plugged the pins back in
(I know I did more diagnostic tests and replaced more things, I just can’t remember)

Anyway, I narrowed it down to the ECU or the Crank Position Sensor, by the posts that I read.

I remember a post that said when you hear the ‘ding ding’ sound when the car would stall it was most likely the CPS, and it was only 30 bucks so I went for it,

Jacked up the car and went to work only to find that someone had broken off a bolt in the crank where the puller bolts go, and another one was stripped, so I purchased a Tap Set to make new threads, I used one size up and thankfully it worked, came off relatively easy.

Oh yea, I used a long heavy duty wrench wedged to the frame and turned the engine over to loosen the crank bolt. Hey it worked.

Put the CPS on then Put everything else back together, and started the car up and BAM started right up, I was so excited I slammed the hood and took it for a ride, Car ran nice at first then started to run strange, smoke started to come out from the engine with a large slapping sound so I had to pull over, I forgot to tighten the Crank Bolt and shredded the Belt, told you I was a noob,

Well I got the new belt on tightened the Crank Bolt and the car ran great, But I wasn’t done, I had a can of Gumout Carb Cleaner and decided to use the whole can, I only let the car sit for about an hour and started it up, MISTAKE, huge backfires followed by tons of black smoke coming into the inside of the car, couldn’t figure out where it was coming from then noticed what looked like flames coming up around the gear shifter under the radio, ran for the hose and sprayed the car down, yes the inside….soaked it….. Then physically pushed the car down the driveway away from the house. I think it was the Catalytic Converter. I dont know if it was really on fire but ....WTF

Thought the car was done, didn’t go near it for a week, thought the thing would blow up on me, then decided to give it a go, and it started right up, took it for a drive and it never ran better, great pick up and acceleration, no stuttering or stalling, Its been about a month and the car runs great.

So long story make short, my stalling problem was the CPS.

Thanks for all the posts in this great forum, although I never asked a question, all the info I needed was here.

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Think of all your learned fixing this. In the end, it'* a good feeling.
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