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Default Scantool data- can anybody look over this for me? TCC?


I have had some surging problem since I got my car (97 SSE 82k miles).

I've tried different things, some things have been replaced:
Alternator, battery, plugs, wires (twice), had injectors/fuel sys cleaned, fuel
pump replaced, air filter, trans fluid and filter.

1) Car shudders when running for a little bit, or on hotter days.
2) Shudders around two to three, or three to four gears.
3) You'lll be lightly pressing the gas pedal down to accelerate, and thats when
it starts surging. The tach goes up and down in like increments of 100 or 200 RPMs, but does not shift.
4) If you floor it, it'll shift and accelerate fine.
5) The longer you drive it while it'* doing this, the worse it gets, the more often it does it, and soon it'* undriveable really on the highway (above 50mph). I've had to shift it to 2nd once to drive a stretch home.

My friend and I used a AutoScan OBD II Scantool to retrieve some info, and we are not not mechanics, but after looking at what I found, I think my problem is the TCC itself, or somewhere in there- but, can somebody confirm/or reply to my results?

1) On a cold start, we found initially the engine ran either richer or leaner (can't remember which one was which), but shortly it went the opposite direction. I am assuming this is normal operations.

2) Engine RPMs weren't solid, they did very but never went greater then 75 RPMs higher or lower then the "Desired Engine RPMs" or whatever on the tool.

3) TCC Slip ranged greatly, but varied around 87% many times.

4) Engine temp/trans temp volts were both OK.

5) Occasional slight knock under load or hills. I believe this is normal.

6) Oh, there were NO codes this entire time.

OK, so finally after a while, it started shuddering:

1) Engine RPMs were more varied and fluctuated.

2) Knock jumped up to at one point a max of 14.7

3) TCC Slip was at 0%... during times that it would shudder. As soon as I floored it, it would shift and TCC would return to like 80% slip. If it'* at Zero, I'm assuming it'* locked. It was also locked at OD as well.

4) Engine temp was OK, trans temp volts were even lower then before actually.

Since it unlocks when I floor it, that would lead me to believe the TPS is working OK. Since it unlocks at all also, that would also lead me to believe that the TCC Solendoid is OK.
I don't know about any other of the systems that the TCC is reliant on.

Somebody please let me know about these results, thank you so much!

Am I on the right track?

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I had the same problem with my car, your best bet is to take it to a tranny shop, my surging was created by a problem in the valve body, it was updated and now the car is fine. i"m not sure what the cost is, i had it done under waranty. Tranny only has 25,000klm. good luck. I tried a full tune up including performance coils before i took it to the trans shop. anyhow i hope you get it fixed, it drove me nuts.
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Default Surging

I had a problem similar to this you should try the coil packs or if this doesn't fix the problem get the tranny rebuilt.
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Somewhere between the coil packs and the plugs. That'* my best guess. Pull your plugs and inspect them. I bet you'll find fouling from misfiring.
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what you have is a torque converter shutter. usually this is caused by a dirty passage way in the valve body going to the torque converter lock up solenoid. take it to a trans shop or a good repair shop that has a transmission flush machine.this machine will flush the entire transmission. including the converter. mine had the same shutter when the tcc was locked. i used our unit at work and it was gone. these machines will change aprox. 99% of the fluid inside the transmission. defintly well worth the money to have it done, it will take about 19-20 quarts of fluid to do the flush. the cost is usually around 80-100 bux.
this is the first thing i would try to get rid of the shutter.
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