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Lowering your Bonnie====> Here's the answer


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Default Lowering your Bonnie====> Here'* the answer

Looks like you guys really wanted to know How I found out a way to safely drop our bonnies. So here it is, I live in Albuquerque, and there is a place here that can "make" custom springs for vehicles, I have seen their work up close and have spoke to a few different people that have used them to lower certian other vehicles, like a 1998 Cadillac El Dorado that was lowered 2.5 inches. This is what they do. First they will put your car up on their weight machine, to find out the exact weight at each tire, then they measure the current tension on your current springs and record that with your current height of your vehicle. then they have a program that runs the numbers and tells them which type of "Cargo" spring they will need to order, and where they will need to cut it. I know that you all are gasping at the idea of cutting springs, but here is the difference between cutting your springs that are on your car right now and the cargo springs, your springs that are on your car right now are progressive springs that are made to hold your vehicle at the factory height, with the factory weight. But, the cargo springs are also progressive springs, but they are made to be able to be cut or shaved to different settings. Cargo springs are mainly used on big rigs and other heavy duty equipment, but they are also used on Nascars and GT race vehicles, because they allow you such diversity and customability. Anyway, this company will electronically cut the ordered springs with the assistance of their computer program, and then they will install them on our vehicles. You will also have to purchase a camber adjustment package to adjust the front wheels, and two air bags for the rear, which you can get through them. The air bags are not like normal air bags or air rods, they are not adjustable once they have been installed, all they are their to do is to stop your vehicle from letting the rear tires hit the top of the fender wells, you do not need these on the front because the front has Mic Ferson (I don't think I spelled that right) struts, but that is why you need the camber adjustment in the front. And last but not least this setup will not make your ride extremely harsh because you are riding on springs that have been calculated to give the best ride possible for your vehicle, You can have the ride stiffened if you want or losened if needed ( You're a fool if you do this!!!! ). And of course price====500 even!!!!! not bad if I do say so myself I'm will have my car lowered 1.75 inches by the end of September.
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Default Very Very long

Ok I have a few bits of info that might help out. First I can get a factory in almost every part of Canada and the US to custom build you progressive coils that are perfect and made top quality for the same price. Not a hack but this has been around for a long time. Now that said alot of factories make drop coils but only a select few actually make the best possible product. All charge $500.00. I have searched every factory option around and talked with the Forman of each respective factory. Believe me I have searched high and low. There is two factories willing to build drop springs for our cars and they are both willing to build a progressive 1" drop coil that is stiffer and has a cut-able tab so it can drop as low as 2". Both factories are willing to do a short run this would mean 25 kits all 4 drop springs/coils $ 260.00. Better quality and cheaper. The cargo springs are not true progressive coils. Yes they are progressive but one progressive rate over the entire coil. There is much more to the rear end then readjusting the rear air struts. They are very important and if you are to lower them more than 1" you are asking for very premature wearing. This is a great instant solution but not "the" solution. The next part of the equation is the struts. I am not the authority on coils or suspensions but I have talked with Engineers who know exactly what they are talking about and build NASCAR race cars "And" street cars alike. Lets put it this way they have the blueprints for our cars and actually understand how to read them. They have given me the information and the proof of what is the very best option. Drop coils on our stock struts are "ok" for about an inch of drop up to 11/4. Our struts are made to function within a certain "throw”. The drop coil forces the strut to use only a portion of this throw thus reducing their ability to do there job. Causes them to overheat sooner and degrade faster. So first you need wet struts for the rear then you need to adjust both front and rear wet struts to match the throw of your new coils. Yes this can be done. Also the drop coils on our cars are much the same for certain years. 92-99. That said the SE and SSEI all have different rates. So the good drop coils will be stiffer than the SSEI coils and ride lower. So for a SE owner wanting a 1" drop you will need SSEI struts to help reduce drop coil "bounce". Go to the GP store and read they even talk about it there. Don’t be fooled by the guy taking your $. Now here comes the fun. I have found a company who is willing to build us these parts and they also produce coil-over kits for the person who wants the very best race proven adjustable suspension. Oh there is also the option of koni strut inserts. I will offer the people who buy the drop coils the koni insert conversion at cost! That info is coming. Site will be up this weekend and you will be able to get the stage 1 coil over kit and enter the drop coil group purchase I have talked about. Any questions I will be glad to answer or find out the answer from the engineers I have discussed. I will also sell parts so you can make your own coil-overs if you must.

Once again not on ya just sharing information.
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