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I'd like to thank you all for all the willingness to help a total stranger. If I'd known about this forum a few years ago, I might not have to say what I'm going to say now.

I'm about to write something that is borderline rant/flamish. It'* a flame of General Motors (more specifically GMPP) and NOT in any way related to the members of this forum, who, if I'd known years ago, might have changed the events of the past.

I took delivery of my 1994 Bonneville on December 12, 1993. It was produced on November 17th, of the same year. The cost was 19.400 or so, with 1600 additional spent on a 6/10000 extended warranty (very relevant). I *absolutely* loved the car, hell, I remember being at the Auto Show (Detroit) and telling the people there that the only thing I'd have changed about it is a slight 'lip' on the left edge side of the windshield to keep the washer fluid from streaming across the driver'* side window when highway speeds would drive the water back near horizontally. Other than that, I would almost "bonneville club" talk to other people that had the same car at gas stations, etc.

The love affair lasted a bit over three years, with signs of the relationship failing at 2 years. (Quick flash forward to the END: This Bonneville'* on its SEVENTH alternator.) Every now and then, I'd come out to the car after it sat for under 10 hours, and it would be completely dead. DEAD, not just click click as you turn the key, I mean doornail dead. I'd take it to the dealership, who would inevitably say that it was the non-factory Viper alarm that was draining the battery. I knew better (although I didn't do the numbers until years later) that the draw from the Viper alarm would *not* drain that battery for upwards of a WEEK, but I wasn't confrontational about the issue.

At around this time, I also had to have the alternator replaced for the first time under the 3/36. Fully paid for by GM, I let it go.

Fast forward to 2 years 10 months into the contract, just 2 months shy of the termination of 3/36...Alternator dies again. Replaced. Fully paid for by GM, and yes, I let it go.

During years 4.0 to 6 of ownership (3 total) I replaced the alternator three more times. I was getting utterly FED UP with the alternator dying, as well as the lights dimming occasionally at idle, and under other conditions, and the battery charging at 13, not 14, while driving, but each time I took it in to be inspected, I was told it was the ALARM.

I talked with GMPP (General Motors Protection Plan, extended warranty company), and I spoke with Jennifer Hatten there. I explained the multiple electrical problems. She said to me, "If two separate dealerships are telling you that the problem is the after-market alarm, then the problem is the aftermarket alarm." I replied to her that the dealers have a vested interest in blaming the other product rather than accepting blame for their own products. Jennifer Hatten assured me that she'd call the two dealers, then call me back, to see about these problems, repeatedly occurring and misdiagnosed during the 3/36, and how they would be paid for.

Jennifer Hatten never called me back. I phoned GMPP and got another person, who opened my file. The person told me that Jennifer Hatten'* notes said, "Attemped to call back, customer not available at listed number." I'm not sure where the rest of you are from, or what dialect of English you guys speak, but "Customer not available at listed number" says to me that the number is a WRONG number. I asked what number they had on my file. Sure enough, it was my number. So, either Jennifer dialed the wrong number, or she attempted to call back JUST ONCE, and entered "not available" as an explanation for me not answering. Either way, it just is completely unacceptable treatment of a customer in my opinion. She had my street address, and could have tried to reach me in writing. Never did.

A few more alternators were put in the vehicle. Happy happy inconvenience joy.

Three months after my extended warranty ended, the car would lose *all* of its charge after 4 hours of sitting still. Oh, they figured out what the problem was! It seems that my power antenna was running a lot when the car was off, trying to raise and lower (without raising and lowering). Gee, the car isn't running DEAD in four hours any more. All of the problems that I'd had during the previous 6.4 or so years were solved by replacing of the power antenna motor, problems that started at the 2 year service date, *well* within the 3/36 bumper to bumper warranty, but repeatedly and repeatedly misdiagnosed by dealers and lackadaisically treated by mechanics and corporate offices.

GMPP wouldn't even listen to my complaint, about how the problem had been diagnosed under the bumper to bumper, let alone the extended warranty. Jennifer wasn't at GMPP any more (what a shock) and my phone calls and messages were not returned by GMPP.

The love affair with the Bonneville was OVER. The love affair with GM was *over*. I swore then and there that I'd never buy a GM vehicle again.

It'* so unfortunate, but for me it wound up being less of logic and more of emotion and principle. I will not deal with a company who is so willing to pass the buck and evade their problems and issues to the point of disrespecting their customers.

In the mean time, I've had other quirky electrical problems, and as I have said, the CODES read from the OBD reader read "No Errors" while the CES light stays on...Replacing the transmission cost me 3k, the rocker molding is falling off, I had a problem with the traction control and ABS in one of the cylinders...The car'* been a grand disappointment, and as such, I feel that my dollars are better spent elsewhere. For me to see that AC DELCO is possibly filing for bankruptcy, and possibly taking GM down with them...really doesn't make me cry for Argentina.

I'd often make sarcastic comments such as, "GM Car Sales around for the 5th quarter in a row, executives baffled." It was a reflection of sheer frustration with a company that in MY own opinion did absolutely nothing to accept or even consider responsibility for a faulty product.

I would like to reiterate my genuine gratitude to the members of this forum for their quick, eager, and selfless help in diagnosing of this problem. If I'd have known about you years ago, and possibly had help with the problems, then I probably wouldn't end this post how I'm going to end it...

I will *never ever* buy a GM car again.

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