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1987-1991 Parley with regards to your 1987 to 1991 Bonneville, Olds 88 or Buick Le Sabre Please use General Chat for non-mechanical issues, and Performance and Brainstorming for improvements.

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Originally Posted by jr's3800
The 91 I have never properly gaged... the 31 is the best I have done... Its more of an around the town car.. I have done from 18-21 in town... Same goes for the 95..
all i saw was 16-18 intown and 24-28 on the road WITH the gx3 tranny.
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Frankly I have never tuned my cars for max MPG. For one thing the a/c costs a couple of counts but is necessary in FLA. For another, running on the lean limit leads to heat and I like to run cool. So 18-22 around town and 20-26 on the road is typical. Did clock 33 mpg with the 90 back when the 55 speed limit was still in effect but my mpg declines over 60, a price I accept.

Thusfar I have not had any reason to go after really high mpg but suspect that for enough ded presidents 35-40 mpg at 70 mph is possible.
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Heres a fun fact for all you. According to the factory HP/TQ ratings of 165 [email protected] rpm and 220 [email protected] rpm our cars have a whopping 83.7hp @ 2000rpm!!

There is a formula for finding some hp numbers when you know maximum torque numbers and the rpm which they occur. You may or may not know that hp & tq are ALWAYS equal at 5252rpm, no matter what.

-Max tq (220tq)
-multiply by the rpm it occurs (220 times 2000rpm=440,000)
-divide by 5252 (440,000 / 5252=83.77760
-that number is the hp at the same rpm the max tq occured (83.7hp at 2000rpm).

Using these numbers, we have 83hp at 2000rpm and 165hp at 5200. The hp curve would basically shoot up at a 45* angle from 2000rpm to 5200rpm.

The torque curve is very flat (desireable in a street driven vehicle), meaning it starts out good below 2000rpm, peaks at 2000rpm but does not just drop off and die, it is just below 165 at 5252rpm. This is why our cars feel quick when driving them, they have a very good amount of torque from off idle to redline. The majority of cars out there have peak tq occur at higher rpms than our 2000rpm, making them "seem" slower.

Horsepower is just a factor determined by torque (lots of people get too caught up in hp numbers when tq is whats moving you). A good example is nitrous oxide. Most of us have owned or ridden in a nitrous equipped car (I hope you have ). Yes nitrous adds hp, but it adds more torque and instantly.

Kind of off topic but to confuse you even more, my summer ride is my 1980 Z28.You can measure hp from your mph at the end of the 1/4 mile, and tq is based on the ET (time to get there). At the track, on the motor it runs the 1/4 at 108mph and 12.60 seconds. On a small shot of nitrous the mph only goes up to 118mph, but the ET drops to 11.70. Torque rocks
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