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My best suggestion for cheap hp is as follows: Oh and don't mind me I like long replies

First off is the colder t-stat. This works in a couple of ways. Not only is your engine cooler and not putting out more heat thats being sucked into your intake but since the coolant runs through your intake its not heating that up as much either. Second thing would be to wrap your exhaust with DEI'* exhaust wrap. I used it on my exhaust without even pulling any parts other than a heat shield under the TB. You may bang your hands a little but it can be done in a little under an hour. Its about $27 at your local parts shop and works wonders keeping under hood temps down, just make sure you don't double wrap it and create hot spots. Third thing I believe is covered in the Tech Info spot and thats putting a resistor in place of your IAT sensor. This fools your computer into thinking its 57deg outside (depending on resistor) and adds more fuel because it thinks the air is denser. If your feeling frisky and want a cool **** in your car clip the wires that go to it and extend them into the cab. Attach them to a variable resistor (a **** you can turn left to right like your home stereo volume) and you can make it think its whatever temperature out you want, cool for tuning. Plus *****, switches, and buttons just look cool . Last thing is to take your airbox out and buy one of those cheap (or expensive) filter cones from the shop and use a hose clamp to secure it to the end of your stock intake tube. You can always find one at a shop that has parts for imports, they love those cones. This isn't the BEST (obviously) but it will help get more air in. So lets review... Your engine and intake is running cooler from the colder t-stat (which also makes the computer add more fuel in an attempt to warm up your engine), you have an altered IAT sensor which also adds more fuel, your not pulling in hot air because of your exhaust wrap AND your getting more air from your cone filter to compliment all that extra fuel. You'll notice a difference. This is what you should expect to pay:

Exhaust wrap: $27 (2" wrap)
IAT resistor: $0.10
180 T-stat: $12.00
Intake cone: $35
Total: $74.10

Thats the po'mans horsepower tricks I know of. A lot of people remove the MAF screen which is just inside your TB. If you take off your intake hose you'll see it in there. They do this for less restriction but I'm not entirely sure what kind of performance gain you should expect. It is less restrictive but its used to straighten out the air flow for your MAF sensor which plays a sizeable part in the performance of your engine. I pulled mine and haven't noticed a whole lot but it COULD be in the 1hp range who knows. I'm sure it will compliment your higher flowing intake but I'm not sure how the sensor reacts to it. You'll have to ask one of the other techies about it. Good luck
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