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Default Went FE2 rear sway today

Quick stop at the wreckers showed four 93SSE in the yard, one of which had FE2 stuff intact. Always wanted the 21mm FE2/F41 rear sway so I grabbed one today in about 10 minutes. Tires were already off the car at the yard and it was already up on old rims on all four corners. SWEET. The end link bolts snapped off clean with my 440ft/lb cordless drill they were rusted to nothing, only had to undo one up/in link as the cars mount had rusted off the passenger side nice and cleanly. Wow that was easy! $9.40 please. (cdn)

Back to my car at home on the driveway, my end link bolts snapped off clean as well one of the reasons I wanted a new bushings/bolts/sway anyway were rusty and have seen better days. in/up links were only a touch touch shrunken, which was good as the regular part stores don't carry these here, only the end links. Because of the couple mils of shrinkage the body mounts wrapped around the 21mm sway nice and firmly. Mounts were good, hardly any rust. Whoever owned this car when new coated a lot of things with rust killer primer. Theres primer everywhere under there as well as gracious amounts of tar/asphalt sealant in the wheel wells. Hardly a spec of rust nice for a 91.

And heres sum pictures taken of the old and new sway and old and new bushings. Quite a difference.

Most likely what you all wanted to know in the first place is how is the handling now. Well, its pretty good. Way less over steer, the back end just feels firmer. It also squats nicer in corners now and hardly any roll. The Moog thermal plastic bushings I am sure help a touch too vs OE rubbers.

As far as mods there are not a lot, I still have FE1 springs/struts all 4. My tires are decent though 215/60/16'* Michelin pilots on Chev Lumina Euro 3.1 rims. That made a HUGE difference from stock 205/75/14 OE. I have Moog thermal plastic bushings up front also as well as frame bushings. When I replaced the rattling rotted old rubber ones the plastic bushings made a very small difference in firmness and a touch more reaction to bumps even with keeping the 28mm FE1 front sway. Most importantly no more rattle rattle clank clank! Maybe I should go pirate the FE2 springs / shox / struts tomorrow too... mmm that would be sweet. I just hear the front sway is a real PITA it only comes out one way and you really need two guys... or so I read.
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Good start

You should do the rest of the swap. it make it WAY better

This is what i did

trust me on this. do the whole swap and the car will feel like a new breed
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heck yeah, driving my FE2 98 and FE1 89 are like night and day, its so strange when you compare them. do the rest for sure. Just doing the front next alone should make a pretty good difference. Also, don't forget the strut tower bar!!!
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Yeah, I put the FE2 rear sway bar on my 89 Lesabre..... What a feeling, especially combined with the 16" rims and 225/60/16'*. I have to say a pair of new front struts, FE2 front sway bar would really make the old Lesabre handle like nobody would ever expect.
I feel bad though... I did all kinds of maintenance and updates to the car and now it'* been sitting in my parents back yard for the past 2 yrs. Only 10 miles on it since I parked it and I've put a new starter in, as well as pulled the TB and cleaned it since parking the car.
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