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I can tell you from experience that if you can't do your own machine work, parts and labor alone will cost you $4k minumum to hit 300 crank hp.

An AFR gauge won't help you achieve that goal, nor will bigger injectors. Based on my pristine wideband scans and BSFC calculations (and gearing vs. RPM back calculations), I've finally crossed the 300hp barrier, and finally outgrown my stock fuel injectors.

But 300hp on a S1 won't achieve the same as 300hp in a S2. Sure, you'll beat him off the line, but he'll spank you from the 1/8 to the 1/4. So what do you REALLY want? A stop-light racer, or a 1/4 mile contender? Why is this? Gearing is nearly identical, but the S2 rev'* out higher. So that same gearing carries you farther in the upper rpm'* the S1 cannot achieve.

If you want 300 crank hp out of a S1, you HAVE to have the trans that can take the rusultant beating from the low end grunt of the S1. You can't add hp without that great (and damaging) torque killing you. The torque will kill the trans faster than a 300hp S2 will, and it'll make it damn near impossible to launch.

The problem is NOT availability of parts. They're out there. The problem is the unknown, or the lack of interested support. Too few would try. So plan on countless hours of playing and tuning on top of:

Ported heads ($200)
1.8 rockers or a custom ground cam ($250)
Ported LIM ($100)
Ported and polished SC, and rebuilt ($300 if you're lucky)
$2500 trans build ($2500)
Wideband O2 ($300)
Scantool ($100)
FSM'* ($50)
A spare car for daily driving ($????)
All new motor mounts ($250)
Suspension upgrade ($450)
Brake upgrade ($300)
New timing chain, gears, and damper ($150)
5 O2 sensors in 3 years ($100)
2 or 3 sets of plugs per year ($75)
2 or 3 teardowns a year (Gaskets at $100)
130lb valvesprings ($50)
New lifters ($200)
A little bit of luck (and if it doesn't hit you, plan on a short block)
Ported throttle body ($100)
Adjustable FPR ($200)
32lb injectors ($300)

Some of the above items are optional, but somewhat critical. Most are a must. The point is that you're starting with a car that is quite old, and there'* alot more to adding power than just plugging it in.

To achieve your goal, assuming you find GREAT prices and good labor quotes, and cannot do your own machine work........

$5, 875.00

Anything less would not include good tires, and would leave you with a performance package that could not hold the power.

I've been lucky. I know a guy that can do machine work for free, and do all the custom stuff for me for nothing. But it'* still cost me dearly in parts and gaskets, not to mention time. Probably about $3500 including having the trans done. He also didn't charge me for the mistakes, or the piles of parts sitting around here that didn't work like I thought they would.
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ok how about this will a s2 motor bolt right up??? lol looks like im gonna have to get me a second job and one more question if i put a 50 shot on my car how many sprays do u think ill get before it goes boom all my sensors and plugs and all that good stuff will be new by the time comes around to spray and its a wet shot
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For the S2, you would have to have the engine, wiring harness, and PCM for starters. Both factory service manuals and a good scantool. You would need a 96 PCM to retain your trans, but you'd still need a trans budget either way.

50-shot? You'd have to talk to someone else about that. My personal opinion is that it won't tell you much. It'* not like it'* on all the time, and anyone can dump a 50-shot on their car for cheap go-fast. In the long run, if you use it much, it can end up costing you more than basic mechanical mods in added costs and wear and tear.

How about you tell us what your budget is, and your goals, and we try to get you as close to it as possible.
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