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Default intence or 3800 performance packages. which better

Which package do you guys suggest. I have the money for either. I would get either the stage 3 from intence or the stage 5 from 3800 (don't want to deal with the cam). They are pretty much the same price. the intence has 9.1 instead of 8.1 rockers..... well anyways, what do you guys think. Or are their better ways to spend $2000-2500. say on Fuel package for example. This question only applies to makeing horse power for my money, while keeping everyday reliability. Please don't go into tran. breaks etc. I have some funds for that as well.
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If there is a PCM involved, go with INTENSE, hands down. They have fare more experience with the Bonneville PCM than any other Vendor. And the Bonneville PCM is quite unique. It'* not identical to the GTP PCM as many people think. There are many more lines of torque-management code in the Bville PCM, and it took quite some time for INTENSE to find it all and deal with it.

In addition, I don't think there'* a single car here with the 3800Performance package to compare to. Not saying it'* not good, or not worth the money, just that there'* none here that I know of.
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Intense level 3 kit. It'* not too hard to install, and you get some pretty serious HP gains. Those are the only mods I've got so far, and I've got the 6th quickest bonne on the planet.
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Personally, I don't think I'd get a "package." I would buy the items seperately that I like. You would want a PCM, plugs, thermostat, intake, and all that normal stuff obviously. But as far as rockers and headers I'm not sure I would go that route.

I'd start off with an intake (make your own for like $80 or less), pcm (around $80-100), plugs (~$15), tstat (~$10), and pulley (~$50), and go from there. You're talking about $250 for all that. From there get a cam, install kit, springs, retainers, timing chain, etc..., and that should be another $600. Get some used SLP'* or TOG'* off clubgp for like $450-500 or so if you can find them, or maybe spring for some pacesetters (not sure if they'll fit on a bonnie) for $400. If that costs you $500, you're still only at $1350 total. There you have a better setup (IMO) then the intense "package". With the money you have left you could throw and SS I/C on it as well. For $2k you could have all that on the car and there should be no reason why you wouldn't be performing significantly better than you would with the Intense kit. The biggest thing is just if you can install all this yourself. If you can't install it yourself, then this would probably change my plans.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the kit, its a good kit with stuff that is going to work together. However, I think if you do your homework you'll find that you can probably make your car go faster for cheaper. Being a poor college student, and wanting to make my car go fast at the same time, getting the most out of my car for the money is a big concern so I look around a lot to see what seems like the best deal.

Using the classifieds on clubgp has seemed to pay off pretty well for me and you may want to try that as well.

Hope that helps.

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