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Originally Posted by willwren
Damn! I wish we'd had your weather for WCBF at Woodburn!

Great times, and great writeup Kyle! Big pat on the back for you personally, for putting all this together.

I may need to boost my octane more....I was only running 95ish at Woodburn.......what was your total octane mix?
ya no kidding i was so hot sitting out there....(but im always hot! )
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My first time to the track was great! I was happy to be able to run the car finally, and do some L27 proving. No one was sure at all about what R/Ts set off red lights, so some of us were running conservative on the tree. Every 60' I had was a 2.2, all with some intentional tire spin. High revs at launch, or low revs, it was all the same. The noname tires (Duralon) proved themselves to me, and I believe the "A" tread rating on the sides. No one was sure about where red lights would come, but Taylor had a .232 RT on the Bracket Racing Final, so it must have been @ .000.

Track prep was pretty regular, pulled out subs/sub fuse, spare tire, left headlight, cooler for the trip, and my tools. I didn't pull the backseat out, as the bottom is VERY light, and the top is more trouble then it'* worth.

First two runs were 2 1/1000 off of each other. We started talking about bracket racing then.

Round 2: Kyle and I drew long straws, so Taylor got a free pass. I was back to the right lane, after having to run Round 1 in a lane I had never run. I ran the rev'* higher. I put the drivers mat on the passenger side so the pedal could go that much further. The track was sprayed right infront of the staging area on my side, right after my burnout. I wasn't happy about that, but after pulling a 15.997 my fears were misplaced.

Round 3: After redialing in again, I slept at the light. My only hope was for Taylor D to break out, but that was not to be. For my first time at the track, I felt 2nd at the National Meet was good enough. My dial was a gamble, but the 15.99 run spooked me, and If they didn't wet it, I didn't want to break out in the final. After staring at the green for 1 second I was off, and I knew it was over then. Still don't know what it was that mesed me up.

Kyle and Seth were DAMN close in their Bracket race.

If I didn't hit the 15, I would've used JLaudioeclipse'* spring spacers, and see how much that could have gotten me. But hitting the goal of 15'* in my lowly old car made me happy. Everyone ran great, and we all had a good time. Shame we never got the window up in the 83, otherwise she woulda gone screaming out under someone'* hands.

2kSB - that stereo is worth more then a couple tenths.
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Congratz Kyle on some hellacious runs. Little different than nitrous eh? Glad your happy with your times, few more mods and youll be joining the 13 club.

I think everyone was pleased with their times and rightfully so. I think we all would have gone deeper with some extra runs (damn bikes).
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Originally Posted by Rogue
I think we all would have gone deeper with some extra runs (damn bikes).
I agree. Trapping at 90.XX means that I can get into lower 15s, just need that 60' a little lower. I was just getting tired of sitting in the staging lane listening to bikes for hours on end.
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