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Default Anyone replaced the brake lines with braided steel lines??

Is there a supplier who has braided steel lines for these cars to replace the stock rubber ones?
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Basically when you put in Braided Steel Brake lines in any car, they are pretty generic. You just figure out the fitting size for the brakes, by a certain length, and put them on. I am going to do it on my car and make custom ones, but because I have ceramic brakes and my aftermarket wheels allow for it to cool so fast I do not need it right now. I know once I start doing those 120+ mph trips I will need it to slow down and make sure I can stop.
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Default Stainless and Teflon hose....

Regarding the stainless steel-braided, Teflon-lined hoses:
I have sold industrial maintenance products for a living, including most all types of hose, for 13 years.

First of all, I am NOT talking about the BS “dress up” stuff that slides over existing rubber hoses- this is about the REAL THING.

When discussing true stainless-cover, Teflon-lined hose, I advise people upgrading cars to follow this rule of thumb:

If you plan to keep your vehicle for a LIFETIME, or plan to put SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND miles on a car, or have a balls-out race car, than by all means- plumb everything you can with either SAE R115 (medium pressure) or SAE R157 (higher pressure) stainless & Teflon hose.

If you trade cars every few years and/or are looking for short term, low buck performance items, DON’T go to the trouble and expense of fitting this specialty hose to your car.

I buy the stuff wholesale, but do not use it on my vehicles, and don’t plan to, unless I get a car I intend to keep for the rest of my life or start racing on a semi-professional basis....

This hose is not hard to come by, but the couplings (fittings on the hose ends) can be a bother to find.
This type of hose does not work with barbs and worm gear clamps- the couplings must be installed with a crimping machine used for hydraulic hose. Many automotive fittings are unique to their application and/or origin of manufacture, but with enough searching for couplings and the use of adapters, stainless / Teflon hose can be used for almost any purpose.
Yet, the trouble and expense associated is NOT worth the benefits, unless one is planning on keeping a car long enough to justify “lifetime” hoses, or is making mondo horsepower in a race car.

On the positive side-
This type of hose is superior in almost every way to ordinary rubber hose.
With stainless / Teflon-lined hose, one can expect the following benefits:

Higher “working pressure” ratings. Even heavy-duty hydraulic applications (more pressure than your brake lines) are suitable for this hose.

Higher and lower temperature ratings:
This stuff can handle up to 450 degree F on a constant basis, and even higher temps for a time.
It doesn’t get brittle and break when cold- this would be handy for you unfortunate souls way up North...
The hose shows no deterioration from high or low temperature extremes.
A bonus: this hose will dissipate unwanted heat much faster than conventional rubber hose, and aid in the cooling process of any system in question.

Chemical resistance:
Brake fluid, fuel, glycol, freon, whatever. Teflon is resistant to virtually any substance you can throw at it in automotive applications.

Reduced friction and backpressure, increased volume and capacity:
Everyone knows that virtually nothing sticks to Teflon- it’* really slick. Everything flows more freely through hose with such a lining. This stuff actually has greater volume and efficiency ratings than conventional rubber hose when comparing identical inside hose diameters.

Much longer life:
Stainless steel / Teflon hose does not dry up and fail like conventional rubber hose. It resists the UV light and ozone that attacks ordinary rubber products.
Unless you are operating under super severe conditions, such hose will outlast the car, and probably it’* owner!

Having stated the high and low points of this versatile, attractive, expensive and almost “bullet proof” hose, I have a final word of advise to those still insisting on using it:
Make sure you get the overall hose length and couplings right the first time, because the stuff is expensive, won’t stretch, and the couplings are NOT reusable.

Anyone wanting more information, or sources for buying this type of hose is welcome to e-mail me.......

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