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Default Installing headers

So, you want to install headers? Well, here'* how to do it. This article can also be used for installing new manifolds and PEMs. A few steps will be different or skipped.

First thing you will need to do is put the car up on ramps or jack it up and place jack stands.

Then you will need to remove this bar.

Make sure you have all your parts. In this article we are installing a set of TOG headers. You will need a O2 extension, 2 donut gaskets, 1 flange gasket, and bolts for all connections. It'* also a good idea to replace your manifold gaskets, but the metal ones can be reused if not damaged.

We will start with the front.

Your going to want to remove your spark plugs to prevent them from being damaged.

Now remove your crossover pipe be removing the bolts from the front.

Then remove the 2 nuts from the studs in the back.

And remove the crossover pipe.

Now with a 13mm socket remove the 6 studs holding the manifold to the head. The 2 outside studs will stay in the head.

The stud with the dipstick will have a second nut, you will need to remove both of them

Once the dipstick is moved out of the way you can remove both bolts beneath it.

You can now remove the manifold.

You will need to modify this motor mount.

You may also need to remove this shroud from the left fan.

Here is how the motor mount will need to be modified. You will need to grind this away.

And here is how it looks with the header in place.

In order to get the header in place, I had to remove the left stud. Here I am putting it back after the headers were put in place.

Now put all the studs and bolts back and torque to the correct amount.

And here we are with the front header all done.

The back is a bit more tight but all in all, is less involved then the front as nothing needs to be modified. Start by unplugging the O2 sensor wire.

Now lets remove that O2 sensor, it will get in the way and could be damaged.

We will need to get the dip stick for the tranny out of the way. Use a 10mm socket to remove the 1 bolt holding it in place. Make sure you have a pan under the car as fluid will come out, perhaps a quart or so.

You will now need to remove the EGR tube. You will need a 10mm socket. It'* a bit hard to see because it'* under the tube. You will need to feel around and will need a extension for the socket.

Now lets disconnect the flange to the down pipe.

Now go under the car and remove the bolts holding the down pipe to the catalytic converter.

You can now lower the down pipe and remove it from the car.

Now that you have everything out of the way you can start removing the studs and bolts. Again, the 2 outside studs will stay in the head and will not be in your way at all.

With all the studs and bolts removed you can lower the manifold by dropping it down under the car.

Now go under the car and remove the manifold from beneath.

Now take your rear header and go under the car.

From the same place you took the old manifold out, you put the new header in. There'* lots of room.

Get your end bolts in place to hold the header.

You will then want to reconnect your EGR tube.

Now torque all studs to the required amount.

Now you will need to wiggle in your new crossover pipe.

Be sure to get your donut gaskets in place.

Line up your flanges and once both sides are in place you can torque the bolts.

This would be a good time to put your spark plugs back in and reconnect the spark plug wires.

From underneath the car install your O2 sensor and run your wire. Make sure it'* not touching the header or any of the spark plug wires.

Once you are happy with the route, plug the O2 sensor wire back in.

How you connect your new down pipe to your exhaust will depend on what your using. This part may need the help of a exhaust shop because there will be welding involved. You will need to cut the flange off the down pipe and weld it to the new down pipe. You will also need to cut about 3 1/2 inches off your exhaust and move the cat back.

Proper torque settings
Exhaust Manifold_______________________Ft/Lbs
Vin B..................................25
Vin 3 and 1986 Vin L...................37
Vin C and 92-94 Vin L retainers........38-41
Vin C and 92-94 Vin L bolts............15
Vin 1 and K 1992.......................37-41
Vin 1 and K 93-95......................38
Vin 1 and K 96-99......................22
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