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Default White Curse *vent*

You know ever since ive had a white bonneville, i believe more and more in the white curse.

This car LOVES to **** with me at the worst times possible i swear!!!!

I dont have the money to keep fixing the random things that keep creeping up as its already taken just about everything in purchase/insurance/maint already. GRRRRR.

So far heres whats wrong now.
Engine is knocking to hell and back, suspect a blown piston
Fuel pump failed which probably caused problem number 1 to happen.
Transmission is toast in it, found that out as soon as i put the 3.4 pulley on and reset the computer which cleared the p1811 hidden code it had set, as soon as that was cleared the trans went to hell of the shifts because it wasnt commanding max line pressure anymore.
Front struts are blown to hell
Rear Passenger side wheel bearing is bad AGAIN.
LOUD ANNOYING pop whenever i take a turn in it. I suspect the subframe bolts being loose as the ball joints and tie rods are fine.
Alignment went 1 week after i had it done, still cant figure out why, maybe related to the subframe bolts.
Trunk started leaking
Drivers seat is now loose and rocking back and forth about a half inch.
Rear passenger side door latch is screwy and sometimes doesnt want to let the door close.
Exhaust has MAJOR leak from somewhere in the cat area.
AC System has a MAJOR leak too, only holds a charge for a day and then its gone again.
Oh and the brake system failed too to where i only had brake power to the front drivers side wheel, that was fun to drive and replace.

If theres something i missed oh well.

god someone just put me out of my misery.

HOPEFULLY the 99 ssei i found as a donor for parts will be this cars savior, because if it isnt, im gonna seriously consider getting rid of it one way or another. For people in the chicago area, remember this phone number 630-860-2000, if you do then you know what im talking about.

Also i find it kinda funny that my alero that everyone said when i was buying it was a junk car and id have nothing but problems with it, hasnt had 1 one problem during all my problems with this bonneville, my old jeep and the bonneville before that.
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Wow that really sucks, i know last time i saw that car it was running great and seamed to have no problems at all. some seam minnor though. i realy hop the parts car works out, because id hate to see this car go :(
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on behalf of everyone here, in the unlikely event you do decide to part with the car, please try to keep it in the Club family

However I have a feeling you will deal with and fix the issues. It is a neat creation and these do have their challenges for sure.
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Old 05-14-2007, 03:31 PM   #4
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I remember back when you told me it was running, and how happy you were with it! I don't recall you describing all these other problems though... then again I have a bad memory it seems.

I might have run away from getting a white Bonneville if I had known about "the curse" earlier, but now I sort of feel like conquering it, or is that just suicidal talk?

At any rate, your Bonneville looks like a nice car from what I've seen in pictrues, it would be a shame not to see you get it running again.
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This should be in General discussion, it is bonneville related.

Sucks dood. Usually when bad things happen, they come in droves, but when fended off, the car will ususally be good for a long period after that.
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I own a white Bonneville....

No curse for me, except for the UIM/LIM....

Ill cross my fingers just in case..

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