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Default ugh I need a xanex

************* RANT ALERT***************

My girlfriends son is a great kid when he is sleeping....

I don't even know where to start...

Ok I was a problem child yeah there ya go smoke that I'll admit it btu my oblems didn't start till I was somewhere near 12. This kid HOLYS&&T he has me spinning circles as to what now. She is starting to withdraw from everyday living with him and placing him isnt the answer (as it wouldn't teach her how to deal with him).

He has been late or absent 3/4'* of the school year because he doesnt feel like going and If you push the subject oh man he flips, when he does he'* like a 40yr old drunk in a bad mood. He goes about trashing the house making a mess and really doesn't care I feared buying her a newer car to get around in you should see her Neon. He gets mad at really nothing normal everyday crap and he gets not mad but pissed. Walks around cussing every word in the book and my god the one i hate the N word, It'* almost as if he has no coping skills no wait he doesn't. Some of this can be linked to where mom was b4 me but daym its been over a year she'* been on her own ad he seems to be getting worse.

We have talked and talked to the point like i said she is losing touch, Shrinks Truant Offices, school therapists. nothing seems to work, Yesterday he was almost on time 2 minutes late for school the day before ontime today where is he home he didnt feel like going.... I called the truant officer 3 times thins morning (Noshow) I sent mom out for the day he'* in his room. #1 his tantrums do not bother me but I can't do the things he needs to have done cause I'm not his father. and if i was he wouldnt have turned out like this I guarantee that. Even my son says Dad you would never let me behave like that He knows.

Her son is a good kid and I wont take away from that but good only lasts 2 or 3 minutes every 4 or 5 hours.. or as long as your not talking to him or asking him to maybe clean up after himself..

I'm going to be recommending Medicating him so he can be knocked off what ever it is he'* standing on, and mom can start some discipline. Some badly needed Discipline and lay out the law because with the baby on the way I'm looking at moving her in but its not going to happen untill her son is manageable or sorry to say it GONE.

And if she doesn't stick to the programs laid out I will be raising the baby with out her as her son and his behavior would be considered a rick to the Baby'* welfare. She knows this but I can't do it only give her options and support her. Also were looking into an open custody program I might be able to squeeze him in there all he needs is some heavy duty structure to snap him out of it (I hope)

well thats it for now i just need to get it off my chest before i got told to **** OFF by a 9 yr old and took off the belt...

thanks for reading
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forget the medication

this kid needs a good ol' fasion @$$ whooping. he needs to understand parents are the law and his whiney attitude is going to STOP. momma needs to lay down the law and lay down ground rules and hopfuly this kid can be turned around
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TAKEM DOWN ROB, TAKEM DOWN!!!!! Sounds like me as a kid Cept, i've never damaged anything or messed stuff up just to spite someone, just kinda hard headed and not listening. Hard to say what to suggest, maybe leveling with him somehow...hard to do that tho. Believe me, I take care of my friends kids around that age and oh. my. lord. its hell.

take a Xanax, have a nap. breathe...

honestly i would say lay the **** down, i know i would never have liked that done, but looking back on it, i realize its a good thing to have the law laid down, he may hate yah for a little while, but eventually will realize that you just care about his wellbeing, unless he is just purely rebellious, well then you sir...have a fight on your hands. but the thing is...if no one is gonna tell him the way things are, its gonna get even more out of hand and he will think he can just throw a stupid tantrum every time someone asks him to do something. and i know i'm probably one of those kids, and realize that someone should have gone a little harder on me. and because of it, i have an insane lazy streak. but the swearing is just wrong, IMO its ok if he is alone AND older, ESPECIALLY the N word.

talk to his mother, try and fix that, don't let that get anymore out of hand, if he starts mouthing off when he gets older, SOMEONE is gonna haul off and knock him right out....even if you aren't his father, if you're apart of the family like that, I believe you have plenty of jurisdiction.
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Sounds like my son!!

My son was diagnosed with ADHD a while back but now I fear that he has some other type of disorder which has effected the entire household. My son can have a great day but when it comes time for him to get his clothes ready for the next day its chaos!! Slamming things becoming irate and frustrated and the list goes on.

If your gf/wife is not disciplining him, she needs to start right away and make him responsible for his actions. when my son acts up, he gets things taken away from him and ive gone to the point where there was nothing left to take away. At that point he would sit on the couch for as long as I wanted him to and that was that!! Granted, I would have to get in his face and talk mean to him in order for him to understand that I wasn't messing around, but I AM his father and I CAN do those things.

Also another thing to look into is ODD which stands for Oppositional Defiance disorder, which is what im having my son tested for come July-August (Long intake process).

I feel for you and I know how easily you both can become frustrated, but this child needs to have those reigns pulled in tightly. Another thing I have done, Strip his room entirely!! let him earn everything back a little at a time. ive done it and it seemed to have work for the most part. I must admit, I still have SOME issues with my son, but we get through them and take on the next. This by no means is going to be an easy ride for either of you and although it may not seem like anything is helping at this point, things will hopefully get better in your situation!!

Take it from someone who knows. Here'* a link on ODD. im sure you will find that your stepson has allot of these symptoms as does mine!
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