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Originally Posted by J. Pierpont Finch
Regardless of which side of the argument you fall on, this is probably going to be the incident that pushes gun control (removal) over the top. Get ready for a plethora of senators running for the spotlight advocating gun bans.
It'* just one more right, Might as well hand it over too.
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It'* just one more right, Might as well hand it over too.
Yeah, I hear ya. Dangerous times for everyone all around.
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How far would the situation have gotten if there were some conceal and carry folks around while this gunman was shooting? Could it have stopped a lot sooner? No difference? Worse?

I don't like the idea of MORE gun control. This man probably had warning signs long before this that people blew off. But its too early to know.

Regardless, it was tragic and we need to keep the families of the victims in our prayers.
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Originally Posted by Damemorder
It'* just one more right, Might as well hand it over too.
Sarcasm of course, but good point.

If they took away guns, what would stop the govt from taking away the rest of the rights we have?
The population with guns - citizens
The population without guns - subjects.
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I will admit my post was kinda one sided but honestly you could suffocate a person with a teddy bear and while were at it lets cut off everyone hands you can choke someone with those. How far is too far? and it is like the shirt I have that says
if guns kill people then
pencils missspel words
cars make you drive drunk
and spoons make Rosie Odonnell fat

is that the case then you could go as far as to say every guy makes another guy gay. I think ppl these days are just looking for a scapegoat to avoid taking responsiblity for their actions </soapbox>
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Originally Posted by ReallyAGXP
Originally Posted by chr0mius
I'm not saying ban guns. I'm saying regulate gun ownership.

And last I checked, bats were made for hitting baseballs. Guns were made to kill. Your analogy is false.
Bats were made for Hitting balls
Knives were made for cutting
Wrenches were made for wrenching
Light Bulbs were made for lighting
cars were meant for driving

But I could Kill with any one of them things

Guns dont kill People, People kill People
Bats, knives, wrenches, lights, and cars all have incredibly more practical uses than for killing. What I'm saying is that a gun is made to kill. It'* a tool, a killing tool. Killing animals for food is a totally acceptable use, but don't act like it'* an innocent tool.

Why does the US not want Iran to have nuclear weapons, yet allows itself to have nuclear weapons? MAD. We don't want to face the consequences of using a nuclear weapon, so we probably won't. We need it to protect ourselves. But with guns, anyone can buy them or get them. We need a system in place to make sure guns stay in the right hands.

The gun nuts advocate leaving gun rights as they are, but look for the warning signs of an insane person. Well, you're not saving yourself the loss of any rights. I think the ability of free thought and not getting mentally/socially/emotionally profiled by the government every said amount of time is of much more importance than the ability for everyone to own a gun.

It all lays down on how much government control you want.

Don't get me wrong, I like guns, they're fun to target practice with, and a necessary tool.
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I'm not going to sit here and watch you guys throw the same answers back and forth.

I'm locking this before it goes in any other direction. which has been mentioned in some post already.
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