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Default TGP for trade for GM vehicle

I read this post on the W-body forums apparently he would accept a large GM for trade on this rare car.

Hey everyone. Many have seen this car and many more want a TGP in great shape that requires nothing mechanically, and here she is!

This is seriously my favorite car of all time. This car is my dream car. I'm writing this whole-heartedly that whomever decides to pick her up from me, will treat her with the love and care I have. I love the way this car looks, the way she runs, the power under her hood, but mostly the fact that we've been through so much in the year and a half we've been together.

I've started to realize though, in the last few months of getting this car to the point I wanted her, that it was becoming an unhealthy habit, and that I will, in fact, NEED to get my life and finances in order and NOW.

Most everyone on the board is familiar with the condition of the car from the time I bought her, the many problems we've had together, and all the time, money, and sweat I've gone through to restore her to her glory. I've counted, and it'* been over $8000 in the two years; money well spent, to bring a future classic back to life. And she'* thanked me, by continuing to run great everytime I've fixed her. As such, now that she runs like a top, and so much has been invested, it'* time to part ways with my dream car.

I bought this car on February 25, 2006, and she barely ran; I drove from New Ulm, Minnesota to Kent, Ohio, and it was a hell of a trip. Fun time, and made it home perfectly fine. Immediately, the alternator died. Then the crossover needed to be done...this continued, and as I kept replacing parts, I learned so much. Here'* a list of parts that have been replaced and installed onto this car:

- Brand new crossover from Kenny at KAZ Motorsports (TGPilot)
- Custom performance chip made by Dave (Invasion1)
- BRAND NEW Garrett Stage 3 BIG T-28 Hybrid Turbo, ported and polished.
- Plugs, AC/Delco
- New wires
- New coils - All three
- New ICM
- Idle Air Control
- BRAND NEW Optima Red Top battery
- Oil case breather
- New Ford Yellow Top C302 Injectors
- Crank Positioning Sensor
- Removed EGR (Disabled in the chip)
- Removed Catalytic Convertor
- Replaced lower motor mount
- O2 Sensor
- Replaced Tranny T-Check Valve
- Replaced the Oil Return Line
- New Radiator
- Fuel Filter
- Transmission T-Tech Flush
- Alternator
- Brand New brakes all around - the ones you buy from Advance Auto that got a 5 star rating
- Brand new steering rack
- Brand new transmission lines to and from radiator and aftermarket tranny cooler
- Brand new FFP upper motor mounts POLISHED w/ polyurethane bushings
- New Sound System - JVC head unit, with Apline * 6x9'* in the rear, and dual Alpine E 12" subwoofers
- BRAND New Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 series 245/50/16 tires.
- New mufflers - Two Raptor mufflers; they were a cheap investment, but they sound darn nice.
- New fixed position antenna to replace the one the owner installed.
- Replaced the dash with a non-cracked one
- Repainted the tops of the headlights - now back to original black tops
- Every two weeks she gets a fresh coat of wax
- So much more that it can only be hled in my FQuick account, so check it out there!

Check out my FQuick Garage for a complete list of what'* been done!

The previous owner had the following done prior to my purchase:

- New complete paint job (9 out of small, hardly noticeable run)
- Powder-coated the intake plenum and valve covers.
- 160 degree thermostat
- Front struts were replaced just prior to my buying it, along with ball joints and tierod ends.
- The heads are decked .010, ported, polished, and completely gasket matched, using 3400 heads.
- Polished the intakes of the heads and intake manifold.
- The exhaust side of the heads were opened up, as well as the exhaust manifolds.
- Fixed position radio antenna
- Replaced the fuel tank
- Installed a new TGP fuel pump
- Installed new fuel lines
- Rebuilt the turbocharger 25 miles prior to my purchase (Poor Rebuild)
- Had two new tires on it, but they were the wrong size (Which led to the new set)

Between the two of us, myself and the previous owner, we've stuck everything into this car. I cannot vouch for how he treated this car, but I know that I treat her like a diamond. This car, since I bought it, has been in two seperate races. One against a 2nd gen Grand Prix GTP, and a 1994 Camaro Z28 with an LT-1. Each time, she was driven with a delicate care, and never beaten up or thrown around. For what it'* worth, the GTP lost big time, and the Camaro LT-1 was very close, ending in his favor due to his early launch. Also, you can read about my race against a newer GTP in the racing thread...and that race was with the original tranny going out, prior to the rebuilt going in.

This car, when bought, was geusstimated to have close to 230-ish in the horsepower/torque range...his gauge was a G-Tech, though I won't trust it unless it'* a dyno. Since all the other upgrades/repairs I've done to this car, I want to be able to place it in the 260ish range, possibly more, though I have absolutely no way to tell for sure. All I can say for sure, is when I bought it, it was quick...after the performance chip, brand new crossover pipe, and brand new turbo, let alone the other parts, this thing screams and tosses you back into your seat, showing you who'* driving who.

While this car has been taken care of vigorously, there are a few, and I mean FEW, minor things that need attention. The paint is great, though there are some noticeable spots on the hood where the paint has peeled. One large spot was spray painted over, not by myself, with the matching color. From 5 feet away, it'* not noticeable. There are two or three very small spots on the hood similar to this, which have been taken care of in the same fashion. The paint peeling seems to have stopped since I bought it. A good wax, and it all shines up great! The leather seat on the driver'* side is worn and ripped. I had a seat cover over everyone of the seats, but I removed them this last spring; they outgrew their luster. The carpet is a little dirty, though I will take a scrubber to it and see what I can work out. The factory floormats are all here and included; great shape!

This is a 1989 Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix, and by whatever counts people use for production numbers, there were less made in '89 than in '90. This car come with both options for the 1989 TGP: the sunroof and leather interior. The car has 151,000 on the odometer, just over 10,000 miles put on by myself. I have taken this car from Ohio to Minnesota, and on countless trips from Minnesota to South Dakota. I'd venture a guess that 8,500 or more miles I've put on are all highway miles. Full tan leather interior, with the noted rip in the drivers seat, and the other seats being average and excellent conditions! The headliner was falling, but the previous owner stapled it back up; it'* not that terrible of a job, and it doesn't bother me anymore. It has the sunroof, which works great with no leaks. Bright Red color, with the valance still attached, painted, and not sagging a bit! Minor scuffs on the paint on the valance. The trunklid has been repainted and is off a 1994 Grand Prix, with the attached spoiler. The stock trunklid is also included and is not in bad shape whatsoever; I applaud the previous owner for taking the time and consideration of not drilling into the stock lid to install a spoiler. There are no dummy lights, and the fuel light does not come on until you get low on gas, unlike other TGP'*. Gas mileage is incredible on this car, Premium only ever used, and in this day of $3+ a gallon gas prices, this car would pay for itself.

It has been my ambition to repaint the hood, but things don't always work out that way. I've grown used to the peeled paint; since the paint has been patched, I never even think about it anymore. As I said, I love this car very much, but for the sake of starting a family, I put my family before my car. Whoever buys this car, I hope they will give it the care and attention I have.

There are plenty of pictures hosted at my photobucket account, link provided, but I have hundreds more if anyone would like a specific picture. Please ask any questions you may have, and I will answer them as honest and fair as possible. Thank you.

Kyle J. Krenz
Krenzy <---the TGP under Current Vehicles.

Asking price is $5,000, or best reasonable offer. Keeping in mind the new tranny, all the engine work, and the great condition, this is a steal.

Good trades? Depends...I'd like to have one of the following be an option:
- Impala
- second gen GTP, 2 or 4 door
- second gen GT, 2 or 4 door
- Intrigue
- Aurora, either style...
- good gas mileage car

Basically it needs to be GM, unless it'* another car that strikes my fancy. Just because I didn't name it doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested. Name your trade and I'll let you know! If you feel more comfortable PMing me, that'* fine, too.

email is [email protected]
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might want to add this so someone can get in contact with him, if interested....
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Originally Posted by White93z34
might want to add this so someone can get in contact with him, if interested....

I thought you needed to be a member to view the for sale section?
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