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Default Soo.... You HACKED our site???

This is one of the best scammer payback stories I've ever heard. It'* amazing how everything legit seems. Go to their website and see for yourselves... Luckily, it has a nice little twist at the end
(sorry for the tiny url, phpBB obviously didn't like the file type of the web page...)
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I got a phone call on my wife'* phone today.
Some lady called and said she was from Hulsa?
She acted like I new what that was.
She said "Jeff" stopped by yesterday and I wasn't in and she just needed some info.
She had my name and address but said it wrong and wanted me to confirm the info.

I told her I live in an exclusive sub-division with posted "No Trespass and No Soliciting" signs and that if "Jeff" stopped by and knocked on my door "Jeff" would of went to jail and been charged $1,000.00 for the 2 Ordinance Infractions. I also told her that if she called again I would press charges. I told her I was reporting her phone number to the Police and that she was scamming for info she did not need. Amazingly the call ended.

I am glad I was home and that she was not able to hustle my wife. This was an identity theft scam. They get you to give them your exact info and then they try to verify your credit card info. They even ask you to verify your SSN#.

Never open E-mails sent to you by unknown vendors, just delete them.
Never be cordial or willing to give any info to a telemarketer. They do not need your info for any reason.
Always report the call.

People who deliberately run scams to take our money and steal our identity should be publicly hanged each day at Noon!

I had a friend who'* Mom'* identity was stolen. She was somewhat well to do. She is now Bankrupt. She lost her house and her car and had to go back to work.
The people who stole her identity were charged with misdemeanors.
They got "probation". They bought 2 cars on her identity and because it was 6 months before this was discovered and not reported she was responsible for the payments of the 2 vehicles. She was scammed and actually gave the thief permission to use her bank account by verifying info that only she should of had.

Because she gave private info, she technically authorized the transaction by granting the thief access to her accounts thru the scam.

The laws on Identity theft are very weak. The Insurance and protection against it varies from financial institution so there are tons of loop holes. The Government needs to make Identity theft a priority and levy incredibly stiff fines for such a crime. Destroying the credit and lives of people who work very hard for their money should be punishable by a life sentence in prison!

Imagine your credit and life savings stolen and not able to be recovered. What would you do?
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that page was awesome, not because of the scam, but because of their level of security.

if thats as well as they protect the information which is for government eyes only, i wonder how well they protect any other information. . .

as for giving personal info to telemarketers . . . i was a telemarketer and a) we legitimately needed the information we asked for (address, cc#, etc), but b) it was really scary the amount of information a lot of people were willing to pass on to us. i mean, in one 6 hour shift i had usually between 3 and 10 people willing to give me all sorts of information that they shouldnt.

excuse me, im going to go protect my website
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