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Originally Posted by chr0mius
Originally Posted by sonoma_zr2
Run Ralph, RUN!!!!!
Haha, nooo. Don't forget about Perot.
That'* funny, because I work for him...
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I know politics is a real touchy subject so I'll try to walk on eggs here. I voted for Nader in 2004 based on principals, but I've learned a lot since turning 18 and having my first time to vote. I no longer an independent, but rather a Republican, but I still respect Nader. You can't say somebody shouldn't run because they'll take votes from another person. In many cases, if Nader didn't run, many people such as I wouldn't have voted at you're only assuming that votes were "taken" rather than earned. I would not have voted for Bush or Kerry if ther were the only choices. However, I do respect Bush, just not all his decisions...but nobody'* perfect.
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id vote for nader over clinton....
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Perot is the only independent that ever had a chance.

Nader has good ideas, but doesn't actually run to win, and loses all my respect for that reason.

Those that voted for Nader instead of Gore last time around did so because they preferred one over the other.

Nader didn't spoil any fight.
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Originally Posted by chr0mius
Originally Posted by stwagner
on the whole two party system and picking the lesser of two evils subject:

why would one pick the lesser of two evils, one would still be voting for evil

hypothetical question, what if not one person voted? what would they do? how would they decide? what if the american people stood up together and said they wont vote for the lesser of two evils, they will only vote for the good? what if somebody came around who wasn't a politician? somebody who hadn't sold their morals and beliefs to the highest bidder. why must morality and politics be separated? religion has no place in government but neither does profiteering. religion at least encourages people to behave in ways that work toward a common social good. profiteering is only good for the man taking in the money? these men have bought our current politicians off to vote for their common good but everyone elses common bad.

dont get me wrong, I'm about as patriotic as they come. still waiting on my orders to deploy, but i cant vote for the lesser of two evils, it still an evil.
Your premise doesn't really work. A politician is effective because of his sway on other people. If they don't pander to other people'* whims, they will not be able to get anything done. Nothing in Washington is the product of 1 man, it'* the product of a collection of efforts. Nobody is perfect, so even the most ideal candidate would not fully share your ideals. Religion may work towards a "social good," but that is the social good for that religion. It is wrong for religion to have control of a nation, because it would mean that someone needs to be that religion solely because of their geographic location. I am not a Christian, and it would offend me for a Christian to take office and start promoting Christian ideals. In fact, I would probably just leave the country. Religion should have no place in an institution which has the power to control and enforce. Ideally, I would like to vote for the perfect candidate. Obviously, that would get me nowhere. I vote for the candidate that I think will give me the best "bang for my buck." I may not agree completely, but I agree with them more than the next likeliest candidate. For example, it would be stupid to vote for Nader and thereby let Bush win (not that I would have voted for Nader). It would have been better to vote for Gore because he more closely resembles Nader, and is a likely candidate to win.
yeah i just hate politics and politicians
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