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My mom was really strict with my sister when she got her license, but when I got my license she was more laid back and I can tell you today I wish she was a little more strict with me because I got in some good trouble, especially totalling a car that wasnt mine. Lessons were learned though, And now that Im nineteen I feel Im a very responsible driver. I know for sure my mom would never tell me not to help a friend out, so in that case I couldnt tell you but if my mom did forbid me I would probably go against her wishes because Im a nice guy.
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Ride the bus into town, have a little lunch, drive the car back home.

No problem.
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You just have to remember to every action there is a reaction. My son is going to be 21 this December. If I ever told him not to do something and he did it anyways there would be a world of HECK to pay. He knows that, he would tell you that. I am a pretty laid back parent and according to his friends "The coolest Mom" but with that being said if I say No to something- he knows I have a good reason and he will respect me enough to not do it.

You asked for the parents advice. You are getting a lot of advice from teenagers here who are saying they would do it. If you follow their advice and something happens- Are these others going to take responsibility for your actions?

You are the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions. Keep that in mind. I know you want to help your friend. Randman had a good idea about taking a bus if at all possible. Or you could ask your mom to go with and explain that it is important to you to help this person and wouldn't she want them to help you if you were ever in the same predicament.
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Well.. here'* a few question you're goin to need to answer yourself..

a.) Is her parents goin to be ok with it??

b.) Do you have full license (not learners permit) insured..

c.) Most importantly.. are you going to be responsible enough not to try and go Gun Ho, and tempted to say.. "oh.. I"ll just do a lil burst of WOT" cause guess what.. if yo're willing to do it for a lil stretch.. more then likely for an hour drive.. you're going to try for more.. if not for passing.. THEN thats where **** happens.. ( off topic.. you can't tell me a 95% of people whose driven a rental car or company car hasn't pushed it some.. I'm guilty.. but I have my own insurance )

IF you do decide to go against your mom and go.. and if she'* as safe of a driver as you claim.. then do everyone a favor and FOLLOW her.. so that way you're not speedin *much* and passing every tom dick henry martha cause they drive rice or egg you on.

I can't tell you whether to or not as I don't know you personally (driving habits and all) nor do I know your mom to warrent why she may or may not say it.. *maybe she just doesn't like the other girl?? who knows* Best thing to do is ask YOUR friends that you hang out with.. cause they know more about you and your mom.
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Yep coming from experience ( I was a teenager once ) I'm sure most of this boils down to, I want to drive either the GS-T or the Mustang and this is a good chance to do it. I know its hard, I know a lot of testosterone is flowing, but let this one go, for your own sake and maybe those on the highway or close to you. If its really important that you help her, help pay for a taxi to get her there, or a bus, or whatever.

If her insurance covers guest drivers, or your insurance covers guest cars then you STILL have to deal with parents if something goes wrong. If neither of the above cases is true then why risk it? Why risk your foreseeable financial, and physical future for a chance to ride in a Mitso or even a FORD?

Maybe i'm way off here on your intentions, but somehow i doubt it....
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well yes me wanting to drive those is a nice bonus...but the main thing is i want to help my friend...shes one of the best friends i have..and id do the same for her whether the vehicle i was driving back was a Geo Metro or a Corvette.

and as far as her parents they could probly care less...her whole home situation is kinda not cool..

and i have my full license and insurance and all that jazz....and yeah wed probly take a few spirited runs on the way home...but im not irresponsible enough to go attacking backroads and weaving in and out of heavy traffic in a vehicle ive never driven before...i barely even do that with the Bonneville.

my mom just doesnt like girls in general, i guess she thinks every girl that is my friend is out to make her firstborn son their babys daddy or something *shrugs*...i havent even got to go on one single date yet? why? momma said no....she seems to think that the very second im allowed to be alone with a girl that fornication will take place...which isnt true. ive decided to wait to have sex till i get married because I want too, not because of all this crap...if i wanted to i wouldve already done it by now...

i have cooled down some from last night...a good nights sleep will do that, but it still irks me very highly and im not letting mommy forget it anytime soon...i know thats not a good attituda to have, but i dont care.

thanks for all the replies, helped me vent alot
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