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BonneMeMN is on a distinguished road
Default Post yer timeline!

Here it goes, List the info of your car, the price you paid (if you want) and such. List where you bought it, what was wrong with it when you bought it too

Then do a Timeline of things you have moddified, or fixed on your car, in order, no exact dates necessary. And at the end put your list down of what is still broken, and what you want to mod/fix soon, in order.

1993 Bonneville, H4U SLE package. Leather, buckets, keyless, special body panels, 3.06 gearing, power drivers seat, steering wheel controls, N10 GM high flow muffler. Purple Pearl paint code. $3900 June 23rd 2003. Build date, June 1993.... 106,276 Miles.

Insurance purchased 10 min later, title 40 minutes. Got home, vacummed it out, couldn't wash it cause of all the rain till saturday. Problems when bought, the bumper had a crack from the bottom, to a fog light opening, already had 4 bolts and a metal strap holding it together. Drivers mirror heavily cracked, drivers front speaker didn't work, milage was around 15mpg, two tires were loosing 5-8 PSI every 2-3 weeks.

The night i bought the car, picked up a fram air filter, later next week I Got the tires patched up, which also counts as credits to new tires, and started a tune up. Had the shop my mom does books for, put in plugs since i've never gapped them, fuel filter, oil change. Next day i put in some taylor spiro pro wires.

Then cleaning up began. I washed like crazy, claybar'd and waxed one day, and fell in love with the clay. Spent a few hours each night cleaning the engine bay, and learning where things are, and how they go together over a week. At this point i put some silicone on the cracked mirror housing, to keep water out, and keep it together. Also started the current silver grill trend.

I also put in my RFX-9000 MP3 cd player, had audio king do it, cause i had free installation, and they are a good store. Only paid 180 for a 300+ Headunit.

I originally wanted a bra for the car, so all my freeway driving to school/home would be chip less, but i have been discouraged from that.

Oct 6 Rolled 110,000 miles going 110MPH....

Next I Tinted my tail lights, and put on mudflaps for winter. I cleared my corners, and put them on Nov 1st. Later I got some subs from Smellbird, and hooked them up over thanksgiving break.

Over winter break, i got a new piece to a door light, and fixed that, and my drivers door speaker. Then i didn't get my window control harness in the drivers door in all the way, so they are MIA right now.

Bumpers and the one mirror housing are still messed up, but they are plastic and don't rust.

Jan 15th 110,980 miles (or very close) Still haven't rolled to 111 since oct 6th...
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BonnieBrougham is on a distinguished road

May 2003:
*my Great Grandma Hedy passes away a month before her 95th birthday

June 2003:
*we begin starting to discuss who gets what...Daddy expresses interest in the car, since we had the Buick and he wanted to sell one car to each daughter.
*Grandpa starts up the Bonnie for the first time since 1999, she starts right up on OLD GAS That car is awesome...

July 2003:
*We get the Bonnie, no one else wants her due to her "chugging" problem.
*at the end of the month, I test drive her, and despite the chugging, I fell in love with her. Julie said that she didn't want the Bonnie, and I told her that'* fine cause I didn't want the Buick. We're decided!
*Dad begins work on both cars.

August 2003:
*Daddy decides that he will GIVE my sister and me each one of the, we're spoiled...
*Can't figure out why the car is chugging, and neither can several of the shops we've taken her to, so we let it go for the time being.
*I pay for the title transfer (really hard to see a death certificate for your own Great Grandma ) and put insurance and plates on her.
*I drive her out of the shop for the first time with her new temporary plates, she'* MINE at long last

September 2003
*She gets elected as the official Cruisemobile of my friends and I
*one of her original tires blows due to dryrot from her sitting for so long before i got her. Daddy'* car present: Four new tires to all of the vehicles we own.

October 2003
*she gets REAR ENDED by a guy with no license and no insurance. $550 in damages of which I have only recieved $100 of to this day...
*One of the NEW tires blows

November 2003
*I have to brake suddenly to miss a deer, leaving flat spots on the front two tires. One friend comments on how the thumping from the flat spots sounds like hoofbeats...voila! The Chestnut Mare has a nickname!!!
*Her first winter with me begins.

December 2003
*The hesitating problem has almost caused me to get in several accidents. We take her to yet another shop, and they find a faulty canister purge valve. She now runs GREAT!!!
*She turns over 50k original miles

That'* longer than I intended, are y'all bored now???

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Sol is on a distinguished road

June 2001
Car is purchased with blown engine (intake manifold) for $1000 USD. Used motor purchased with 4000 miles. All tuned up.

July 2001
I turn 16. It'* all mine! Flame mats put in.

....Car is great for a long time....

August 2002
I get rear ended pretty hard. $2600 in damage to the frame and bumper. All fixed and covered by insurance.

September 2002
I put in my novelty horn with Xenon headlights.

June 2003
Roof and bumper repainted.

September 2003
I finally cross 170,000 on car. Engine has around 25,000.

Pretty soon....
I will cross 175,000 miles.
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BonneMeMN is on a distinguished road

Going thru tires Christine?
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1993 SLE is on a distinguished road

1993 parents Purchased a new car...........1993 Bonneville SLE bright white, leather, buckets, power locks, power windows, special body cladding, Sliver crosslace rims, and of course the rare factory N10 muffler. Car only has 61,900 miles as of 1-14-04

1993-2003 garage kept every winter. Never even knew what snow was!!

Striped the tales (still have to do the turn signals)

Pioneer DEH-1400 head unit

tint (had to take it off though)

Silverstar lows

December 2003 Some Fu*ker disrespects the bonne

gets popped out later that night

many more things to come this summer
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jachin is on a distinguished road

may 2003: buy car for 3700, car is spotless and interior is near perfect condition with 92K for the next 5 months, car gets washed at least once a week

june 2003: hydraulic line for ps goes out 200 for line and labor

july 2003: harmonic ballancer goes out 240 for parts and labor
purchased cd player for car

august 2003: purchased subs for car and amp also purchase component amp

sept. 2003 purchase component set for car and interior neons

Oct. purchase 7 color underbody kit for car

nov. purchase cold air intake, pulley and nos kit for car, installed cai

dec. put pulley on car, get into accident, and get one ticket, i later get second ticket, my 2 mistakes will cost me at least 400 bucks in the end

jan. 2004 car starts to act up i sitll have no idea whats wrong with it, i have a busted fender, no corner light, and if i get one more ticket i lose my liscence, even though i have only had 2 of them so far, now everything is going to hell and i am gettin fed up, on top of it all i need new front pads, and it hasnt been cleaned in a month
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bonnie94ssei is on a distinguished road

August 27, 2001 - look at a Bonne for sale. Decide to buy it. Notice one tire is flat. Tell the guy to get it fixed and I'll buy it.

August 31, 2001 -purchased for $7,000 (too much) from Liverpool, NY with 95,895 miles. Leather, power driver/pass. seats, HUD, ECC, 3.06 gearing.....

Took it home, noticed a few days later it had 3 different kinds of tires, the one that was flat was refilled with air, but still was leaking slowly.

April 2002 - After winter, completely clean inside and out, detail the engine. Make some custom "SSE" floor mats.

June 2002 - Take my car to the Annual Pontiac Car Show in town - was complemented on the fine looking Bonne - still stock

July, 2002 - Paint and install hood scoops New spark plugs, brake pads/shoes & cylinders, New Bridgestone Turanza LS-T tires

Fall 2002 - purchase K&N drop-in...Waste of $75

Oct. 15, 2002 - Join BonnevilleClub

Oct. 30, 2002 - Order ADTR Intake

Dec. 30, 2002 - still stock, no ADTR Intake

Jan. 2003 - Get 'SSEEEYAA' license plates

Feb. 14, 2003 - Valentine'* day. Give a dozen roses to a special someone. 30 minutes later get into a car accident with an old lady from Canada

Feb. 28, 2003 - No ADTR Intake

March 2003 - Order Taylor 8mm wires

April 21, 2003 - Finally get car fixed from accident. $2600 damage, pay only $500

April 30, 2003 - No ADTR Intake

May 2003 - Receive and install New AC-Delco RapidFire plugs and Taylor wires! Paint calipers and new drums red, make custom eyebrows

June 9, 2003 - Another Annual Car Show

June 10, 2003 - Remove Hood Scoops!

June 20, 2003 - My brother backs into my car, causes $2000 in damage!
Get it fixed a couple weeks later

July 2003 - Install Magnaflow F-body muffler.

August 2003 - ADTR Intake @ door!! Install Intake, remove MAF screen, clean engine and custom paint it

Sept. 2003 - Silverstar low beams, Plasma Highs

Oct. 2003 - Buy and install Angel Eye Fogs. Spend hours trying to make them fit. Another couple hours spent on wiring and switch inside. A week later a LED is out. On my B-Day, un-install Angel Eyes and exchange for new ones. Install new ones.
Swap ADTR cone filter with K&N X-Stream filter

Jan. 2004 - Install Pioneer TS-A6980R 6x9s

Present - Need new struts/wheel bearings, brake shoes. In spring will grind out rust with recently received Dremel, patch up and paint. Get Pioneer DEH-P7500MP HU, Magnaflow Hi-Flow CAT
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egladman is on a distinguished road

August 02-See Bonneville in paper. Asking price is $1500. Go test drive car and later the next day bring dad to look at car. He negotiates price down to $1000 and I purchase my first Bonny With only 193,000 miles on the odometer.
Drive it all winter without doing any mods. Come Spring 03 my aunt and uncle decide on getting new wheels for there 89 Bonny and I get there old crosslace 15inch rims for free.
September 02-Buy Drop in KN Filter(Waste of Money)
April 03-Car gets new muffler and cat. Tranny also gets flushed and I keep putting the miles on her.
Since then I installed a custom homemade intake, Removed MAF screen then reinstalled it. Installed 180 stat and uninstalled it. Waiting of summer to reinstall again. Gone through 2 sets of tires. One set because of hitting a dog at 80mph and flatspotting them. In process I managed to crack grill and knock out Marker light. Haven't replaced either since then. Besides you can't hardly notice unless you look closely. Replaced all the speakers with Pioneers and even added some to the dash where there aren't any. Installed a Sony MP3 Changer. Had it break 2 months later. (Friggin Piece of Junk) Installed XM radio
Basically since then I just drive her. Do the regular maintaince and have had nothing major go wrong except have a water pump go bad, and one alternator. Still on the original transmission and engine and I'm not one to baby my car either.
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fuddyduddy121 is on a distinguished road

I maintain my car too much, not enough memory on the server.
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Damemorder is on a distinguished road

June 2003 - Notice "IT Pro" drives bonneville, tell him about club, and that I can probably fix whatever is wrong with it.

July 2003 - Replace All three drivetrain mounts and all filters in my driveway, no labor charge.

August 2003 - It pro tells me he is moving and cannot take the car, I can have it for whatever money I can come up with in two weeks. I pay $772 and get a full tank of gas

Sept 03 - Finally find nice price for body peices and start to figure out how they fit on the car...

03 - sometime in there I had steel rims for a bit, did a 360 on the interstate, built a custom intake, and actually washed it twice.

04 - I had just about everything elecrical go wrong, most of them I had dad shoot with o-scope and repair, had to buy some stupid $20 switches I broke, Got most of the uprades in the "Where to start?" TechInfo. And now I'm working on beating a 91 CRX with a C32A or B (Can't remember which is the DOHC) round the track...

Started out just giving the car some love and fixing some odds and ends, ended up talking to people about races, running races. I've figured out that no one in this area that has any sort of reputable speed shop is allowed to touch my car, and that if you want it done right do it yourself, and if it doesn't work ask dad about it, then check the factory manual, then just go ahead and post here...Dad had no idea to start out with...
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