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View Poll Results: Which one?
1996 Impala SS 13 17.57%
01-03 Olds Aurora 3 4.05%
96-99 Bonneville SSEi 20 27.03%
00-03 Bonneville SSEi 16 21.62%
00-02 Olds Intrigue 1 1.35%
88-92 Ford Mustang 5.0 6 8.11%
04-05 Bonneville GXP 7 9.46%
Buick Park Avenue 0 0%
Grand Prix GTP 2 2.70%
93-95 Bonneville SSEi 2 2.70%
OTHER (please reply to thread) 4 5.41%
Voters: 74. You may not vote on this poll

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Not really. The 95-99 L47 did have some instances of oil leaking from main seals and head gasket problems, but it is definately more rare than the UIM failure on the N/A 3800. As for the Shortstar, there haven't been any known common failures on that engine as far as I know other than them burning oil when they start to get some miles on them, but even then, it is not excessive. It'* not uncommon for them to use 1-2 quarts between oil changes (the engine holds six quarts.) However, mine uses virtually no oil at this time at 62,000 miles. Some say that these engines start to burn oil if they're not allowed to rev near redline often. They're an engine that'* made to rev up, not see low RPM'* all the time. (that can be either a good thing, or a bad thing depending on your driving habits.) You could try PMing Littlehoov, his Intrigue with the 3.5 has well over 100,000 miles on it if you're interested in hearing about their longevity. Do keep in mind that the shortstar was on the ward'* 10 best engine'* list in the world for every year it was in production, if that means anything.
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Here'* my take on your list..

The last RWD Impala, are nice, but they're still a glorified caprice. MUCH better looks and interior though, not hard to convert a caprice to an IMP as well.

2nd Gen Aurora - good car by GM, when GM didn't make many good cars, was orginally overpriced for the quality, but they all depreciated a lot, and are a good value. I'd almost suggest a 1st gen like Jim'* over the 2nd gen...

The Bonnevilles - well of course these will have the highest votes here... As i've stated before, I wouldn't want to own an 00+ myself with all of the problems they have. The window reg, the steering shaft WILL go if they haven't been changed over, the hood rusts a lot it'* a fact of life. Steering is too numb, etc. 96-99 are just a touched up version of my car, with some more horses under the hood. Reallistically it'* the same chassis you already have. Not bad, but it'* not a sports car.

Bonne GXP - I wouldn't touch one of these to save my life. Quality is horrid, it was a quickly thrown together model in my opinion. Look great, but the fogs go out, the body panels loosen, the HUD shakes, the brakes have issues (and they're an upgrade) But damn they have cool seats...

PA - a Great boat, but it'* not going to win any handling competitions. I like the new ones, and have thought of some neat exterior mods for them. You can mod the L67, but they're a soft cushy car.

GTP - i'd take one over the Bonne because of the parts availability, and the handling. Suspension is also more upgradeable.

Mustang - 5.0'* are more then reliable, but the problem is, it'* an 18 year old car in some cases. 18 years of owners playing with them or beating on them, 18 years of wear on the suspension, etc. May need some work underneath. If you find an unmolested, rust free one on a deal, JUMP on it.

It'* hard to tell what you want out of a car and your price range. If you could provide more specifics, we could offer better advice..
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NOW thats the kind of response I have been looking to get. The opinions of every car from every person. I appreciate that.

Now I do love the 00-03 SSEi, but I do know of their problems. And they have quite a few.
I do know the GXP is cheap. Very cheap. But on the otherhand they do look amazing. But I'm definitely ore concerned with quality than looks.

As for the SS, if I had one, I want a real one. I don't want to convert anything, I want the real deal. But they are a bit pricey AND their 4L60e transmissions bite the dust at around 100k and I know I might not have the money to buy a new trans at that time, so I think I will stick to a more reliable car.

AURORAS, those are just amazing IMO, they look amazing, the quality does not look too shabby and the L47 really shows some potential. Personally I like the exterior style of the Second Gen Aurora over the gen I by alot. These are DEFINITELY on the top of the list if i can find a low mileage one for the right price. Personally I don't REALLY care about power that much, I am just looking for something that won't be constantly taking a crap on me and that will really pass the test of time.

Now for the Grand Prix, those really do look cool, kinda like a long thin bullet. They are smaller and lighter than the bonneville, AND have the 3800. But they are just so COMMON, I mean I can turn around every minute and find SOME GP of some model and year. They're everywhere. Thats one of the reasons that I like the Aurora, they aren't exactly easy to find.

Hah, the mustang. Those mustangs. Now I know they are a ford and all, and well I know mine was REALLY terrible as far as reliablity goes, but then again, I have never given the 5.0 a chance. And yes, I know about how they get stomped on, and truth is, thats exactly the reason I kinda shyed away from it....But if I can ever find a nice low mileage one, I certainly will jump on it, as long as the price is not completely insane.

Custom: Thank you for the clarification on that. That helps me alot with my Aurora/Intrigue decision. I kinda wanted an Aurora more than an Intrigue, basically just because they are alot more luxurious, plus they look alot better. . I will definitely say, that my dream car (for a daily) would be a 2002-03 Aurora 4.0 with Navigation. I think if I did end up owning one I would go into shock :P . But anyways. We'll see how it ends up.

I appreciate everyone helping me with this decision. And will appreciate anything more that can be added. Car buying is always a very important decision, and apparently I have not always made the best ones as far as getting and getting rid of cars. .

Thanks again.
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