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Default Not cool...

Well, on Monday we started football practice for my highschool. The practices would go from 8AM to 2PM. We had to have three days of conditioning in shorts before we could wear pads. So, today was the first day of hitting with pads. This is my junior year so I have to work with the seniors, a couple of which are getting scholarships to some big schools. One of them is a massive full-back, about 6'4" 230lbs, runs the 40 in 4.7, and can bench close to 300lbs. The other, a tackle, a good 6'5", 320lbs, runs the 40 in a good 5 flat and can bench well over 300lbs. I play linebacker, so pretty much, i have to try to get the the second guy, just to tackle the first guy...... I am 6'2"ish, 200lbs, run the 40 in 4.8, and am a lot smaller than both of these guys. There are other people on the offensive line that I have to try to get through just to tackle one of our backs. Well, today, I started getting headaches after colliding with multiple guys and taking some wacks the the helmet/head. Just before our last of our two breaks, I collided with one of the massive linemen and recieved a concusion.

I told coach I had a hard time seeing straight due to the pain in my head, so they took me in to the trainer. He did a couple of tests, which I don't really remember cause I was pretty confused because of the concusion. The following I'm not quite sure about because I was just informed about it from my mother.

One of the players on my team broke his collarbone a little bit after I got hurt. He too came into the training room, so I sat next to him as I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up. I was in no condition to drive. While waiting, his mom came in and saw the two of us, she saw him in tears, and saw me with a blank stare not really knowing what was going on. She said she saw me sitting there looking at him but not really knowing why he was hurt or why he was crying. When my mom got there, she took me home and then to the E.R. just to makes sure of some things. After some x-rays and various tests they concluded that i had a concusion. After we left we drove through McDonalds for some food. After I ate some and got some painkillers in me, I started to become more coherent.

A little bit ago my mom told me some funny stories about me when I was still dazed. But I am feeling better now and should be able to practice by Monday with contact.
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Ever get the feeling that it'* no longer much of a game?
Concussions are bad news, I know. It'* not fun waking up and not being able to remember what it was you were doing.
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spoken like a true football player

should be able to practice by Monday with contact.
glad your feeling better A.
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Just wait 'til you get one so good that you CAN NOT see! Trust me, they are not fun. I have had 4 that I know of and each time it was easier to get one. The first one was at my 15th birthday party. Playing tackle football (w/o pads) in my backyard, end of October so the ground is nice and firm. I tackle a friend and in the process land on my butt, then back, then my neck snaps back and my head slams the ground. I go to get up and nothing... Ab-so-freakin-lutely NOTHING! I can't move a thing. Mercy Flight to Strong Memorial hospital and I had a massive concusion. Brain stem swelled and shut down the rest of my body to basically reboot and make sure that there aren't other problems. I remember the whole thing and it was very calming. Nothing hurt until the following day. Two more were in highschool football in games and I basically gave them to myself by hitting other people (that didn't even know I was there, LOL - ironic huh). Those 2 were exactly like you described, but I saw pretty colors when they happened and knew what had happened. The last one was just dumb and I won't elaborate any further on that, but it resulted in a half hour of total blindness which was VERY scary!
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