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Default new member of the "POLAR BEAR" club...

welll i'm frezzing still ...but here it goes...

so last night or early this morning a pipe burst in the far end of the shop building....where it goes through the floor into the basement where it terminates (used to be a faucet there????) well basments 3 ft deep with water...(YAY!!! ) well hook up a sump pump we stole from the other basement( where NO water pipes are... ) and hook it up (after shutting off water meter valve in the third basement) to start pumping out water (duct tape and 2.5 inch PVC pipes we had laying around are channeling the water into the street...can you say skating rink?!? )

the basment that is full of water is 25 ft by 10 ft...and now just under 3ft deep of water....we need to find burst pipe to fix...and the hardware store closes in an my @$$ decides i'm already wet and cold from a tow i had just gotten back from (when the boss heard the water in the other end of the building) where i had to lay in slush to sling a truck...

so i grab two trashbags and put my legs into them tuck em into my pockets and go waading into the far so good...get halfway to the pipe and my right leg catches something...uh oh now its wet and cold...ok well i still have to find the leak...tuff it out james....almost there...wooops i tripped over the gas pipe for the furnace hiden under 3 ft of i'm a completly soaked and thouroughly FREEZING JAMES!!! my boss heard me scream from inside the shop and thought i had gotten electrocuted...nope but we also didnt think to kill power either...but no shocks other than the 33* water....
well i am already soaking wet and cant find the leak!!!
OK so Wayne goes to turn watter back on to find leak...what seems like an eternity later there'* a sound...ok now its louder...getting louder there'* some water!!! just as the heating duct above me slumps down and dumps 3-5 gallons of water all over my already cold wet @$$!!!! FOUND THE LEAK SHUT THHE WATER OFFFF!!!! i screamed! a bit after water stopps pouring out (yes my stupid self moved once i got soaked by the duct!) well leak isnt from pipe down i slosh out of the basment (made sure to miss the pipe that caused all my woes) stuttered up to the first floor and found the vent...we pull up the grate and low and behold...the steel pipe is conected to copper just inside the duct...where the copper pipe split down the side in a 2 inch gash...hmmmj i think thats where the leak is...trace iit up into the cieling and over towards the bathroom (WTF why did someone run this this way!?!?!) so i cut the pipe in the cieling and now wayne went to get a cap from the plumbing store (with silver solder, flux etc) while'm sitting here in the shop in my skivies (not pretty...260 lb James sitting on a 16 ft ladder right in front of the shops main furnace duct)...finally got me and my boxers dried off and wayne grabbed me a blanket from his house next door...where i would have gone if his wife wasnt there laughing her @$$ off after seeing my looking like a drowned rat... so now i'm at the shop laptop telling ya'll this wrapped in a blanket...while my longjohns and all my cloths,jacket and shoes are over in wayne'* dryer (no point to washing them )

So yeah i've just had a great Fu#king day.....

at least i'm a new member of the polar bear club....

oh yeah and i'm on my third beer....wish i had some whisky...

[/end rant]

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Believe I'd be takin me a day off.
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Now THAT should have been on video ( your treck into the basement). That would have been so funny. You probably would too once you thaw out, lol.
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sounds like a rough day at work...could have been worse...
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