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its very compairable to what happened at pearl harbor
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Before I start here I just want it known that this is some of what goes thru my mind after watching this and I apologize to those that are offended by it. These are the facts as I see them and if anyone chooses to have a discussion about it without the flames and personal insults I will be kind or not respond. If the moderators deem it unfit for this forum then please delete it.

It breaks my heart that the unity we had as a nation after the towers fell has turned into the partisn political hatred we see today. It is a complete shame that some in this country wish to ignore that this happened so thier politics can be advanced. It is unspeakable how the media will force abu grahab down our throats as if we as a nation are evil because a few don't choose right over wrong. I understand how disturbing the pictures are, but there are a lot of people that need to see and remember just who did what to whom and what it cost us to not take care of this growing threat the first time these buildings were hit let alone all the other acts of terrorism we have endured. I can't fathom how people think Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism when Saddam was paying famlies $25,000 to send their kids strapped with explosives to kill in Israel, and it blows my mind that we tell Israel to stand down from these attacks while we avange ourselves in two countries. After watching this can anyone honestly say that the people who did this can be reasoned with to stop from trying again? Does anyone think an attorney can keep it from happening better then the way it has been handled. While I applaud his service to our country, I question how a man can earn 3 purple hearts, the bronze and silver stars in 4 months time and never spend one day in the hospital. Then come home and have them mean so little as to toss them over a fence. For those of you that don't lend yourselves to my beliefs I ask you this. If George Bush had Kerry'* vietnam record, would you consider him a war hero or as I, question how so much was gained with so little blood in 4 months time. Before anyone starts in on Bush for his service I would like to know how they found it in their hearts to forgive Clinton for his.

In the end I will never understand how George Bush can be so hated for making the hard choices that most of us wouldn't have the courage to make ourselves. Had Clinton made that hard choice there is a very good posability 3000 people would still be with us today and those beautiful towers would still be standing.

After reading this agian I think it is only fair to say that a few presidents before Clinton could have reacted or done more and saved us from this too. There is always a cost and one way or another it will always be paid.
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Kerry should be put up against the same wall was as Jane Fonda a Shot like the traders that they are.

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