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Default Need urget help!!! - truck does not start!!

Parsed from 3 different posts on my truck club (dead there tonight)

I went to go get some DQ tonight for the family and as soon as I tried to turn the key everything went dead. The only thing that turned on right away when I pulled the key was my phone charger in the outlet. Lights, chimes, everything was out.

After doing some poking around it seems like all fuses and battery connections are just fine. What I did find was my remote start module clicking away like there was no tomorrow.

The lights do come back on, after a minute or two usually, and I did notice the hood light came on once about 5 seconds before the interior lights did.

My guess is somehow the remote start / security module is reacking havoc on the electrical all the sudden. I tried disabling it with the installed switch, and pressing the valet button (not sure what the diff is between the two) and still no go. I can hear the relay/module clicking away, sometimes at a different pace.

Can anyone help!?!?!?!
After looking further, it seems that the "clicking" I am hearing is coming from 3 relays (right next to the key-less module). They are:


It'* weird that I don't see a relay on "RR PRK LP EXPT". The rest of the relay spots are empty except those 3.

Only other noteworthy thing (while I think of it) is that it rained pretty good today for a bit and I did drive thru some puddles. Nothing is wet as far as any fuse or relay blocks go that I can find.
Found a few different scenarios happen when it tries to engage the starter.

1) No audible indications, just the lights (power) going dead
2) Relay for the starter starts clicking a lot real fast
3) Relay for the starter clicks once, followed by a "pop" like noise, from the area of the starter.

Is it possible that the water today took out my starter, and when I attempt to start the truck, the ground it creates brings down all the power (anywhere from a few seconds, to a minute or two it seems like)?

So it seems like all the relay clicking everywhere must be due to a short somewhere?
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1 & 2 are typical symptoms of a bad battery or poor connections. so have the battery tested and clean ALL your cables & connections. Don't forget there are many ground connections.

Also it would help to know what truck this is.
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After more testing I found the battery to be bad. I had changed in a red-top a couple years ago that was used in another car before that. It was probably 6 years old I am guessing now. Either way, I threw in another old battery I had and charged it up. It turned over just fine. So I bought a new red-top with 800cca so I shouldn't have any trouble this winter

BTW, It'* my '01 Sierra C3.
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Yeah I had a scare with my SSEi due to a semi-drained battery while I was working on the car/playing with the stereo...went to start and CLICK CLICK CLICK, gauges and relays goin nuts, and I had less than 2 weeks to make it to Intense for my build up. It felt SOOO good to find out it was just the battery!

Glad you got your truck going again!
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