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I know you had an accident with your leg, but can you run?
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I was just doing a bit of reading last week on some new research where they say not to do the cardio for weight loss but rather strength train instead. What it boils down to is the muscles built by strength training will burn extra calories all day, all night, all week...
Cardio only burnes extra calories for about an hour after the workout ends. You should still excercise, but it doesn't have to be cardio. Walking a mile burns as much as running it.

As for 'turning fat into muscle'; thats a fallicy. Your body cannot destroy a fat cell once created. They only shrink up as their stores are used up. Thats why you tend to gain weight so fast after a diet, you're just restocking the warehouse.
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Watch how much you're eating. Subway is generally much more then you'll need after you get a complete meal.

I make sandwiches @ home now too for work, cheaper, quicker, and better for me even more..

Skipping meals, or cutting out lunch for example isn't necessarily a good thing either. You need to keep intaking throughout the day to keep the metabolism up, otherwise your body will stop using energy and go into "starvation mode" if you have long breaks between meals. More often, but smaller meals will give you a higher metabolism then less frequent but bigger meals.
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Number one thing to remember is that the common sense method is the best. Eat BETTER, not just less. More fruit and veggies, less meat(don't cut it out entirely, meat is good energy food), cut the chips. Diet soda is OK, the calorie difference is huge, and you don't have to deprive yourself completely of a luxury that you're accustomed to. Try to drink more juice, though.
Get more exercise, but do it in a way that you enjoy. Hiking is good, you seem to enjoy it, but for others a bike may be a better route. It may be less effective, but most of us are sitting on our butts all day, so anything is an improvement.

Finally, variety is healthy. If you vary your diet you will tend to eat less. Most of our eating is habitual, rather than hunger-driven, and if you're eating the same-old-same-old, it'* easy to just munch all damn day. Go to different restaurants at least once a week. Hit the produce section and buy stuff you haven't tried before. Try hitting the ethnic food aisles. If you think about WHAT you want to eat, you're more likely to pay attention to HOW MUCH you're eating.
Trust me, I lost 60lbs between NEBFs, and it'* all just easy little things. Although, I'll admit, being in a job where I get lots of combined cardio/strength exercise in the form of busting my *** about four times a week tarping and untarping really helps.
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Originally Posted by J Wikoff
I've lost about 25 pounds in the last few months. I stopped eating lunch for the most part, but having two "light" yogurts as a pretty late breakfast. Maybe an orange or bananna in the late afternoon. And I've been drinking very little pop.
Maybe I should re-point out that I turned a large lunch into two smaller meals.
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I used to weight 267 pounds and went down to 180 in about 8 months.

I was lifting weights everyday. The important thing about the weight is that you don't want to do a lot of weight, but enough to feel a slight burn and do MORE REPS! In this case you want quatity!

Don't eat after 8:30pm that should be your last food intake for the day.

Also make sure to do some light cardio vascular during the night. Like some light jogging, or anything that works up a little bit of a sweat.

Also eat a minimum of at least 5 to 6 times a day, and make sure to count calories. If you will not work out that day make sure to not go above 2,000 and if you are working out make sure to stay under 3,000, but make sure that when you go to bed you have a very slight hunger. (which is hard to get used to)

Try to have your largest calorie intake during breakfast and lunch times, because chances are you will be able to metabolize it throughout your daily activities.

Finally low sugar and no carbs after 5:00pm. Because you are not likely going to be able to metabolize this stuff after you get home tired from work and wanna take a nap or something.

When you take a nap at anytime of the day and your stomach is full, try to take a nap sitting up that way you have an easier time digesting your food and it will help to your metabolism up even though you are not currently performing any actions.

Those where the rules I followed and disiplined myself to adhear to in order to become healthier, happier, a little more insane, and girl crazy.
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For a good summary of many of the tips listed here, you might want to check out the South Beach Diet. My wife and I used it about a year and half ago, and I experienced a great reduction in body fat. It basically focuses on reducing overall carbohydrate intake, with the remaining carbohydrate-rich foods containing high amounts of fiber. Breads, pastas, and other starch foods that are 100% whole grain with at least 3 grams of fiber per serving take longer for the body to process, so there isn't a dramatic peak in blood sugar and energy. Simple carbs are "empty carbs" because they are often high-calorie and only satiate you for a short amount of time. You then have to eat sooner to feel full again.

In addition to substituting "good" carbs for "bad" carbs, you should also try to eat plenty of fiber-rich veggies and low-saturated fat animal products. Have fewer potatoes, as they are full of starches (simple carbs). If you must have a potato, eat it baked or steamed with the skin on for more fiber.

Drink tons of water or other sugar-free beverages (diet soda is alright if you're okay with artificial sweeteners), and have frequent, small snacks of lowfat cheese or nuts throughout the day. And by all means, stay away from trans fats. They are man-made fats used in foods to change their consistency, and are now known to be worse than saturated fats for your body. Avoid products with partially-hydrogenated oils, as these contain trace amounts of trans fat even if it isn't listed in the nutrition facts.

Keep up your exercise, and you'll be good to go in no time! Good luck, buddy!
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Default Re: Loosing Weight

Originally Posted by Hans
I'm about 30 lbs overweight and looking for some pointers.

What I have already:

Gym 3 times a week
subway every day
hiking on the weekends
reduce beer consumtions
no soda at all
no late night snacks
no deserts

I'm still not loosing any weight.
Drink diet sodas (not many), beer is far worse than the sodas. Your main meal should be your lunch, breakfast and dinner should be smaller.
Subway isn't necessary, it'* kind of expensive to eat out like that all the time and you might still be eating unhealthy depending on what you have.

Those are my basic easy tips, without the long explanation of nutrition facts. It works for me, but I don't think the same thing works for everyone.

Low fat intake, low calorie intake, low carbs, and eat at the right times to keep your metabolism right.
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cardio is sort of a problem. I can do a bike but cant use a treadmill since I have little to no control of my leg. I have peroneal nerve palsy which causes a foot drop.


Basically if I run I trip over my foot. My brace is not strong/fast enough to keep my foot up. so I trip over my toes.

Oh and lets not forget I have a torn ACL right now..oh yeah and a torn PCL. Running is dangerous. If I broke my ankle falling I would not feel it and it would cause problems. Surgery may be in the future but will not help the fact that I cant lift my foot or feel my foot for that matter.

I've been using the exercise bike and thats pretty much it other than long repitions(sp?) of free weights and machines (dont know the names).

Thanks for all the advice from everyone. I have a lot of new ideas now.
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Have you tried the elipitical trainers? Not sure if your foot/ankle would support it'* use..but it'* more of a planted foot machine.
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