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Default I hate rear disc brakes!!

My Sable threw a pad last Friday night and yesterday was the first day I 've had to even look at it. I took the tire off and sure enough the Metal-to-metal noise was a result of the inner pad being completely gone. So off to Advance auto for pads after I put the tire back on. (Already been driving like this for three days so a little more ain't gonna kill it)

The first problem I ran into is you cannot get to one of the caliper bolts with a socket because the return spring for the e-brake is in the way, and my wrenches were only rounding off the corners. Disconnect that spring, pop the caliper off, remove old pad and curse the offending inner a few times for peace of mind. I go back into the garage to grab my c-clamp and you know what. I can't get that piston to comress for anything so I remount the empty caliper so I can get some real torque on that clamp. The thing STILL won't comress and Now Its getting near time where I've got to button up and get ready for work. Had to go without putting that return spring back in. Who designed this? I want to thank them personally at this point.

While I'm at work I figure I'll need a new caliper but then I have an idea to look up the replacement procedure... OPPSSSS.. These Caliper Pistons SCREW IN. and I need a new tool!
I was a bit surprised by that but then these are only the second rear disc'* I've ever worked on.

So today I head out in my noisey Sable in search of the tool. Advance had no clue. Next up was AZ, they weren't any more knowledgable than AA but the guy gave me the loaner tool list and there it was!! # 27111.

Back home on and onto business...That piston still didn't want to compress but I got it by putting an extension on the t-handle of the tool. I'd really like to thank the guy that designed these....
Pads, in Caliper on, time to put that return spring in. Half an hour later I fgure out a way and WOW - One side is done.

I take a look at the other side and they are fine. The devil said "Bah - they are good enough, plenty of pad left. Put the tire back on and download some ****." and the Angel said " but really you should replace this side too so they are matching in material and in thickness. You know you should." So there was my dilema, the easy out or do it the right way. The right way won, probably because some subconscious male ego-thing wanted to play with the tool some more...

This piston compressed much easier! (Probably will need a new caliper for the other side) but when I took the tool off the boot twisted a hundred ways. I couldn;t get it straightened back out and ended up cuttin part of it off that was covering the piston and preventing from mounting the caliper. Had to fight the return spring on this side too just alot easier now that I worked out a method.

Wow - what a guy has to go thru to save $300.

So does anyone know how to replace a piston boot on these wonderfully engineered calipers?
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your on your own there popatim hahahhaha forget all that
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