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Default Hmmmmm, what'* for dinner??

I thought I would take a moment to meander through the wilderness that is the fast food industry.

McDonald'* - First, a note to people who go through the McDonald'* drive-thru: the menu only changes about once every five years. You know what they offer. Stop fiddleing around and order some food. I'm behind you getting more and more pissed off because it is only going to take me 12 seconds to order my food and I have to wait for you to go through the whole "um....hmmmm....what sounds good? hmmmmm" routine. In any case, McDonald'* is pretty bland. The new McNuggets may be healthier and all-white meat...but the old mystery meat McNuggets tasted better.

Arby'* - Want roast beef? This is the good stuff. Want a deli sandwich? You are in the wrong place. Yeah, they offer them...but who cares? You don't order pizza from a sandwich joint, and you don't order a sandwich from a pizza joint. When I go to Arby'* I want roast beef. When I want something deli I go to Subway.

Subway - Ostensibly a healthier alternative. Although, I'm not sure how a pizza sub or a meatball sub is a better option that Arby'*. The real problem here is the fact that they call their employees "sandwich artists". I just want a turkey sub with mayo and green pepper. That'* it. Everytime I order, I get interrogated about why I don't want lettuce and tomatos. It'* as if I stole the Cyan Yellow and Forest Green from this "Sandwich Artist" and now she can't make her art correctly. It'* just an inflated are a sandwich maker. Deal with it.

Sbarro'*- Italian fast food? Bad idea. The less said about that the better.

Burger King - Dear Burger King: Oh, Whopper. Oh, how I love thee. But the King is creeping me out in those commercials where he just shows up and stares at someone for ten minutes. If that guy shows up at my house, I'm going to kick his giant king-head in and then go get a whopper. Additionally, I heard that Humpty-Hump once got busy in one of your bathrooms. That'* kinda wrong.

Wendys - No matter what BS you come up with, there is just no logical reason for a square beef patty on a round bun. It'* just stupid.

Chick-Fil-A - Hands down the best chicken sandwich you will eat. Stop screwing around with the chicken offerings at Mickey D'* and BK....get your *** over to Chick-Fil-A.

Taco Bell - Because you are just too damn regular. You gotta shake up those bowels. Try the Pinto'* N' Cheese coupled with a 7 Layer Burrito. That oughta do the trick.

Carl'* Jr. - I'm way too hung up on the grammatical atrocity that is their name to even try eating there. Do I really want to eat Carl'* Junior? I don't think so. I don't even want to eat his Senior. I don't want to eat anything that may have ever been a part of Carl. That disturbs me. No offense, Carl.

KFC - I remember back when their name was still Kentucky Fried Chicken. Good stuff. Not healthy...but tasty as hell.

Long John Silvers - Named after a fictional pirate, the treasures within are abundant. Wow. I should write advertising copy. Seriously, the fish is good and those hush puppies will change your religion. Don't know why they are called hush puppies. They don't seem to be of the canine persuasion...too round. Whatever the hell they are made of, I dig 'em.
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Hmmm, *note to self* don't take MOS with me to a restaurant. I need time to decide what I have a taste for. I don't like the same old thing time after time. My tastes vary. I take as much time choosing what to eat as I do choosing what I clothes I feel like wearing. I can't lay my clothes out the night before because I may not feel like wearing that outfit the next day. It'* a girl thing
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Taco Bell'* Crunch wrap supreme kicks ***, and your right about chick-Fil-a though.

Quizno'* beats the hell out of Subway though

And you forgot about Checkers, kickass spicy fries and bacon cheese burgers
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what about Culver'*? I Work at one.

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Originally Posted by Jack
Quizno'* beats the H*** out of Subway though

Their large steak sub with extra cheese toasted does kick ***.

Don't forget about for White Castle/Krystal for "budget" burgers.

There is a place in tampa that has the best burrito,it'* called Naugles
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my cravings, based on where i am.

- mcchicken
- double cheeseburger

- twister
- snacker

Burger King:
- angus steakburger
- tendercrisp

Taco Bell:
- bean burrito

i dont go to the other places. my typical orders:

- 3 McChickens and 2 Double Cheeseburgers

- a twister and 2 snackers

Burger King:
- either angus or tendercrisp value meal, alternating.

Taco Bell:
- 6 bean burritos
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What about Dairy Queen? Their Buffalo Chicken Basket is great!
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