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Well, me, I went out to Bug-A-Boo Bay (a 3.5 star restaurant and bar in Alexandria). Got there about 10PM and was having a bad time to start.
I tried playing a game of pool, but after getting 5 shots and not sinking one I decided I didn't have game that night (the night before I was there and was running both tables and I won 6 straight games on one table and 4 on the other -then no-one wanted to lose to me so I got stuck with no-one to play until they closed 30 minutes later).
Was shooting the bull with a few other single guys and then wham!! Two of the finest girls in the place come up to me and the guy I was talking to.They just stood there with these evil grins and all of the sudden they started giggling. Next thing you know they're covering their faces with their shirts, leaving everything else in the eye of the beholders. Turns out one of the girls was the guys G/F and the other chick their friend and SINGLE.
That'* when things took a turn for the better. So I decided to give pool another try. Went up and one of the semi-pro'* was running the table. My first turn up I put em all away.
The guy was soo pissed off -it was good for $20 for me. I had played him in my first game for $5 and lost (a poor game for him taking 6 turns) and then I come back and HE raises the bar to $20 and I walked all over him. Now, no-one wanted to play me again. Stood there for 10 minutes with about 15 players standing around waiting for someone else to throw their quarters up. Finally I decided it was a waste (probably pissing the owner off as he was there watching one his $$$$ billiard tables standing there idle with so many pool players around, but no-one wanting to play me, causing a loss of income (ok, probably no more than $3-$4)) so I decided to turn it into a doubles game with no $$ involved. Me and one of the lovely ladies (afore mentioned) took on another couple. Wouldn't you know it, I break, and put 3 stripes away on the break, and put another one in and decided I better leave something for my partner. The guy on the other team missed his shot and my girl came up and proceeded to leave balls, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 on the table. What a feeling, two straight games of leaving all 7 of the solids on the table.
Didn't stop there. We took another couple on and at the end of that game (we were solids this time) there were 5 stripes on the table.
After that I forfeited the table to go over to the bar with the girl I had been playing with and chatted with a few other friends of mine there (my friend Phil is the evening manager, and the bartender Katie is a good friend).
Ok, enough bandwidth wasted here.
Time to go out and check out the heater fan in my SSEi (would have sooner, but I just took a good 4 hour nap).
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Originally Posted by BonneMeMN
Christine are you referring to someone named Matt???

Sol you suckup..
NOYB, and you're just jealous cause Sol gets more attention than you :P

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I say burn on Zais

*sigh* wheres my attention :P
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