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Default Happy Birthday

to all the marijuana users out there. I believe today is your holiday.

Please play it safe.

I dont really have a problem with it as much as most people, since I have never seen a violent pothead or one that started a fight or got "high" and crashed his car because his reflexes were shot.

I also have to admit I am one of the estimated 83 million americans that have tried it before and it is not as bad as most people say assuming you are careful and use the quality kind from British Columbia. The reason I dont smoke is becuase when you buy it "off the street" you never know where it came from, and then all the people in the middle that are probably scumbags ripping people off, stuff like that..therefore if I buy a bag I dont know if it was stolen or if "i am supporting" criminal action. If everybody could grow their own garden this country would be a lot safer for those that use it and those that dont....

that way cops could focus on other "illegal drugs" that actually cause brain damage, addiction, death or cancer.
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Hard subject for socity to fully comprehend. I realize pot causes a little of the total drug crime , especially in younger users but the bulk is older heavier drug users and where and how can it stop???.... The drug laws are over 70 years old and havent stopped the avanlanch of social ills. And tough sentences hasnt work. NY is buckling under the strain of clogged prisons because of it'* hard stance since Gov.Rockefeller pushed thru hard drug sentences years ago. The last cost per inmate was $151 a day. And it'* a huge reason for the state battling Billions of yearly deficit. And softening thier drugs laws alot. In Detroit it'* so bad people are doing a month for per year sentence. And as a part time cab driver for many years and seenit all I can tell you for every heroin, crack, and meth dealer that goes down.... there are 10 kids waiting to take their place. And the government is out of focus. These inner city kids grow up with one parent or with another family member and grow up in poverty, filth, drunken, drug addicted parents and live on scraps, dog food, and what they can dig up, beg, and steal. And the problem is escalating with time and I personally see a large city crisis like the middle sixties looming when huge inner city nieghborhoods burnt to the ground all across America. So where do we go... The route of Holland where they set up zones in parks and supply free methedone and ignore everything else.?? And drug crime still rages there, especial in around those free areas. They still need money for beer, smokes, and food. And I seen a documentary of One such park in Amsterdam where they send in the meat truck and collect bodies every morning. So where do we start. Keeping our own children safe is a start but a pimple on a huge ugly *** of a problem, And I dont think a soloution for inner city kids could be developed. They are out of reach of social help or reasoning. Sad days are ahead of us as the new player METH floods our country and becoming a problem that probably will explode in the near future.
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I don't think legalizing it would help anything. For one, it'* simple economics. You legalize it, the price adjusts with the market, so the criminal type will do what they do to get the money. Or, they buy the black market/illegal junk.

And, just watch a couple of episodes of "Cops" or "Police Videos". How many of them folks are commiting crimes and endangering others for something that is already legal, like booze and cigarettes.

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