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Originally Posted by sonoma_zr2
That'* the point, they don't have answers because they are not looking to fix anything. These people are anti-capitalist, they are using the environment as a vehicle. They want you to burn wood for heat (just don't chop any trees down) and use horses for transportation (just don't abuse them).
That'* not the case at all. That'* just polarizing a group of people, much like the politicians and political parties like to do with people.

I'm all for a change, but does that make me anti-capitalist? I don't have the answers, but I am aware of the situation and want to look for answers.

Believe me, I don't want to give up the gasoline engine, but as a society we should be looking for alternate ways to be more friendly to the environment. The technology is out there, and it has been out there for a long time. Many businesses don't want to use it, and many politicians don't want to pursue those options (I won't get in to the lobbyist BS, that'* getting off topic.)

So, global warming or not, we shouldn't be sitting here proving or disproving it. That'* for scientists ... not the media, not the politicians, not the businesses.

I don't even know what point I'm trying to make. I'm just as confused about this issue as the next person.
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Hehe, whether global warming is true or not, we're poisoning the air. Now that no one can debate. People die by inhaling exhaust fumes.

It has zero to do with politics, or capitalism, or even religion. We're poisoning the air, and we breathe it. The bigger the city, the worse the health of the general population.

Now, if I gave you a glass of pure, sparkling clean water, and I told you that I only put one mere drop of a deadly poison in it, would you drink it?
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Just watch the video . It clarified my view on global warming.
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Regardless of whether or not we are causing global warming with our actions, it would be ridiculous and utterly moronic to claim that human activity is changing the Earth for the better. We're still polluting and damaging every single natural facet of this place, regardless of whether or not we're changing the climate.

It seems to me like global warming, whether or not it is real, is the next 'abortion issue' or 'gay rights issue'. Sure, the stuff is sort of important, but not on the level that it gets presented as in the media. Its just another set of words for stupid talking heads and politicos to lock horns over and feed the media and public, distracting the country and the world from the more important things, like war, international relations, the rates of employment, and economic/trade policy, to name a few.
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we just drop a really big ice cube into the ocean.
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