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YW! By far the car I would pick if a new sedan was in this years budget. (Wife got dibs because her 2002 was falling apart) It drips with abundant power, and style. I am pretty peeved GM for all the crap thats gone down the last couple years. But Caddy hit a homerun with this one.
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Dang I didn't know that the Viper'* interior looked like that. yuck.

Oh well my dream car is still a G8 GXP, looks good inside and out. Even test drove a GT at the local dealership and loved the response of the 6.0L. The 6.2L in the GXP would just be amazing.
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I don't think it'* riceish at all. It'* very purpose built. I'm not a huge Viper fan, sorry Gunner (you might want to look away now), I think they are extremely over-rated. I agree with Yutzy and Venom, a G8 GXP or a V Series Caddy are the way to go
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It'* a pretty nice looking car for sure. Although I'm not a fan of the red stripe, looks like to me that they got bored one day and decided to randomly place a red stripe on the car to make it look more 'custom'. Spoiler is a lil high for me but at least it'* clean looking. Other than those two things, I think it looks great! But I would much rather have the ZR1, Z06 or CTS-V
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Originally Posted by GXP Venom View Post
The whole rear end is hideous. And the ultra rice wing turns it into a nightmare. What are they thinking. Same idiot must have put those tires/wheels combo together. They look like the GXP spare. IMO Mopars V-10 is a monster size POS that can only find 500Lbs of Torque from its 600+HP. And the interior? Pure cheap plastic Spartan appointments. $62,000 for this???

What a joke. For exactly the same money we can have THIS. Putting down 50 more pounds of torque in a much smaller and refined engine package. With awesome styling and appointments that show your not an idiot spending your $62K.

Only 7 Viper SRT10/ACR'* made? I can believe it. They knew they couldn't sell any more and one even made it to eBay with 3 miles on it.

I agree that the Viper is overpriced with a cheesy interior and and the CTS-V is better in nearly every way. However, I can't help but notice this torque/horsepower comment you've made. First of all, the Viper makes 560 ft-lbs of torque, 4 more than the CTS-V. Not sure where your 500 number came from.

But beyond that, I don't think you're properly understanding the concept of torque and horsepower because it'* not logical to make the argument you're making based on torque alone. A better question iwould be why can the CTS-V make only 556hp with 551ft-lbs of torque?

The horsepower comes from a combination of torque and RPM. The amount of torque and peak RPM both are byproducts of engine design, manifold design, valvetrain design, etc. The two are combined to create a single number which represents the engine'* ability to do work over time - horsepower

hp = (torque (in ft-lbs) x RPM)/5252

Comparing the two engines:

556 bhp (415 kW)@6100rpm
551 lbft (747 Nm)@3800rpm

The CTS-V creates all of its torque at lower RPM'*, and therefore is unable to make a lot of power in the upper RPM range. This might be more ideal for street driving (usually lower RPM'*), but in a pure performance sense you'd want to maximize both torque and RPM for the most horsepower. In this case even though peak power is at 6100 RPM, torque at that point is only 478ft-lbs. If that 551ft-lbs was made at 6100 RPM, the engine would make 639 horsepower, almost 100 more than it currently does. You might like the low end torque of the CTS-V on paper, but it isn't really taking full advantage of its torque when it'* at such a low RPM. This torque won't benefit you in a race like it would at higher RPM'* because the end result - torque, at the wheels, at a set speed - will be less.

8.4 L V10
600 bhp (450 kW) @ 6000 rpm
560 lbft (760 Nm) @ 5600 rpm

Right away it'* apparent that this engine, although not perfect, takes much better advantage of the torque it creates. It takes it'* extra 9 ft-lbs of torque and makes an extra 44hp. It'* torque is available much higher in the RPM range creating much better power. It has 560 ft-lbs available at 5600 RPM and 525 ft-lbs available at 6000 RPM. Remember the CTS-V only puts out around 480 at that point.

The V10 is designed for maximum torque on the top end of it'* RPM range while the CTS-V wastes its peak torque at lower RPM'*. The end result is an engine with more power in the Viper and ultimately faster acceleration once gearing is taking into account. The shape of the power curve and area under the curve is important to consider as well, but it doesn't vary much that much between these engines.

Sorry for the long post.
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My daughter has the same radio in her 06 Those engines must cost a fortune to produce
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Even with that intierior, I'd still drive it.

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