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BLACK94SSEi is on a distinguished road

Here ya go, A Date in a bag!!! LMFAO

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Originally Posted by BLACK94SSEi
Here ya go, A Date in a bag!!! LMFAO


Anyways....Your lady will come in due time.

**** I didn't get my first kiss until I was 17 in the last mos of my SR year in HS.....None the less I didn't even get my first actual g/f until the yr after I graduated high school.....Of course after graduating and talking to a lot of the girls of my senior class that I've known for years, sitting back and waiting for the relationship to find you causes you to miss out on the really good ones playing the same angle. To this day I'm kicking myself about one girl. But such is life man.

Besides.....Sex is fun for about the first 2-3 times.....And then I get bored with it....Well, except for the last chick....totally different story LOL.

Either way, in HS dating and g/f **** is more or less just a status......and a colaboration of hormones that are seriously over juiced. I think that you'll find that you're actually on the better end of it, especially if randomly that one of your good friends or something knocks his g/f up and it doesn' t work out, he'* paying child support for 18 yrs because he was "satified".

Friends with benefits, they're great I guess.....Just make sure you lay out the ground rules first, nothing but *** and a friendship....No relationship, feelings or anything like that. Make sure you KNOW that you can stick to it too because otherwise you're just gonna set yourself up for more pain down the road when you get cut off because they found someone that they wanna date....and you get pushed back to clothed status friends lol. I know all too well how this friends with bene'* thing works, because i just got out of one, and we had the rules, and SHE broke them before I even thought about it....And now it'* just a **** fest.

I'm 21, and already I've been through enough bs with woman in the last year to really not give a **** if I ever have a relationship or get married for the rest of my days.

You'll survive man.

Originally Posted by harofreak00
either that, or start looking for the fugly ones...............
You telling him to lower his standards and up his average? LOL

Oh and PJ.....Stop over-reacting so damned much you're making my head spin LOL
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Dude I would stick with the glove, until you figure out the killing part.By the way where can I get one of those gloves?
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I used to care so much it made me depressed and nearly suicidal. Back when I was 18-21 thats almost all I ever though about was how i've never had a woman. But over the past year or so I began to care less. For about two months now I no longer care at all. I enjoy my life and being single. I see people in relationships and all it is is drama. Constant disagreements, arguing, parinoia (fear of being cheated on), money loss, issues with GF/BF'* friends, conflict of opinions, heartbreak, misunderstandings, and being on a leash. I could go on and on. The bottom line is I can do whatever I want when I want to without answering to anyone. Also, when some woman get PMS they are mean as hell towards you for no reason. Remember these are all observations i'm making. Nearly everyone I know has a signifigant other. And nearly everyone of them have told me in private that sometimes they wish they didn't and that I am lucky. I'm sure there are tons of good things about a relationship, but when you weigh in the bad you'll realize its not something to beat yourself up over.
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