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Default gas station woes

im getting tired of buying things from gas stations.

every monday/wednesday/friday, i drop nancy off at class (her class is at 8:30a) then go to a gas station to pick up my daily requirements. i buy two vaults (cheapest carbonated beverage, $0.79-$1.09 depending on the day and the place), then go to the off-campus parking where i park nancys car and ride the bus to campus.

over the last 7 days:
one vault was opened already and glued back shut. i didnt notice because i didnt look before i bought it and didnt try to open it until much later (they last me until about 4p). once i found out that it was already opened, i was not about to drink it so i threw it away.
i decided to splurge this morning and bought two $0.59 lemon pies. upon taking a bite out of the first one, i found out that it had expired about two months ago. i didnt eat the rest of it (the texture was way off, thats why i checked the date) and just threw it away. along with its friend.

and these were at two different gas stations. it should be noted that there is one gas station that i went to regularly until about a month ago, when i decided to try some different ones. that gas station regularly had the vaults for $0.79 and i never had a bad experience there. none of the other gas stations ive tried have been as convenient and have had vault for $1.09.

but i think im done with this buying drinks every other day. adding up the costs, im spending about $7 a week on drinks, which comes to a hair under $30 a month. and while i do have a job where i make about $75 a week after taxes (working about ten hours a week) -- im spending a tenth of my income on drinks when water is free. its not particularly excusable.

just thought id share. i know how mods love these pointless posts.
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That would **** me the hell off. I ALWAYS check my stuff before buying it, I check expiration dates on everything, check potato chip bags to make sure they have air in them and aren't stale, I also check to make sure seals aren't broken on pop bottles, I check everything. I am a total worrywart when it comes to eating.

Why do I do this?... I had a bad experience about 4 years ago with moldy snack cakes.

It makes me furious to know that places PUSH this stuff on people, knowing it'* past expiration or been opened. I've had some arguments before about expired stuff finding it at stores.
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yea gas station prices and such suck as well as expired crap. nonsense. but when i wasnt a Arizona tea or Monster 711 is the only one that has like ALL the flavors. but drink wise iv yet ot have a problem.

and also agreed water is just fine with me.

FREE FREE FREE is alway ok with me

pointless posts are the best.

shows that your a hardcore member. spending all your time here even when you just bored not even looking for some answers

it how i role. lol
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I've been to gas stations where they sell expired as hell soda and food. Most of the ones in my area are too busy to do that, though, so I'm lucky. I still always check, since they're ripping me off anyways. Soda is expensive... Luckily, I get a discount at Starbucks.
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