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Default end of the world soon?

talking to one of my buddies that i havent talked to in a while...

hes has been stationed in iraq, and is going back soon...

telling me some freaky stories tonight...

there'* some scary **** goin on that i've found out about since joining the military. well im goin to iraq in august and pretty much the whole month of april i was in las vegas for desert war training, and basically there have been pencil size wholes they have found in our tanks that have gone straight through over there, so somehow somwhere on the black market they have tank armor piercing ammo that we dont know where it'* comin from, went through a tank just like butter. north korea has basically told us they have nukes, and we dont even know who our enemy is

Unexploded Devices are set up all over in all sorts of places there, they've put them in dead carcas'* on the road, and our convoys would run over them and they'd detonate they have suicide bombers all the time. most the time lil kids that will go up to US soldiers asking for candy and once they get close enough BANG!

we were givin a tape at our training this 11 yr old iraq made a statement, "my friend (whatever his name was) was so lucky and proud to be asked by the taliban to be a suicide bomber to take out these stupid american i only dream that one day i will be so lucky to give my life for my country and my god allah". kids, and not only kids, ppl in general wanting to give up their life just to kill us.
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Yeah, war is retarded. Why is it retarded? Back in the day when war first started, [well small arguments compared to today'* wars] people were fighting against people who they hated. Now they are fighting against people who are a citizen of the country they hate. They have nothing personal against the individuals. So that'* really stupid, IMO. Not to mention we are butting are big ******* heads into a problem that isn't even our problem. Sure we helped another country out, but we are so far in debt that it'* not even funny. Our dollar is plummiting, and I have no clue where our Government got the 20-some billion dollars we are in debt from. But what I do know, is that our government needs to shape **** up, otherwise people are going to be getting the hell outta here. ***** gonna hit the fan sooner or later. And it looks like sooner to me.

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