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My grandmother has it, and the best option we found was called an assisted living facility. If you have the resources to let them live with you, that great, but my family didnt. My grandmother has her own "apartment" with a bunch of elderly people, many with memory loss. She is semi indepentent, but they fix her meals and wash her clothes. She can go to any activity she wants, and we come by and visit her all the time and take her out to our house and out to dinner. Its like a home perfectly sized for her, and she gets human interaction all day.
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Having a grandmother with it and being a nurse i have alot of contact with patients in beginning and ending stages. I have the agree will Bill'* advice. He hit the nail on the head. Just be ready for the same questions and dont get dissappointed. Keep things simple and keep a close eye on her. If you want any information you could pm me and i could give you a little more information. I have a year left of nursing school so i some helpful information and i could probably point you in some good ways.
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My aunt was found wandering down the main road through Winnipeg, she is so young, only 53, and it is has hit the family hard. My uncle refused to leave her alone, and refused any help for the longest time, until my mother went and helped out. Their children helped out as best as they could, but they have their own families, now one of my cousins, her daughter has leukemia

So in the end, my uncle had to face the fact that my aunt is no longer the woman he married and loves with all his heart, and he put her in a facility where she is under constant supervision and is well cared for. He visits her everyday, but at least now he is sleeping and taking care of himself.

It is so hard, to see your loved ones slip away.
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I work at an assisted living home (as a dishwasher lol but I still deal with the residents) and I deal with people with a ton of mental issues daily.

One woman that lives there always complains to me day after day that she didn't get a bite to eat all day... of course she ate 3 hearty meals but she doesn't remember. She'll walk from the dining room to her room and back (maybe 15 feet total) in a matter of seconds and forget she was in the room. Talking to her through different times showed me her state of mind. sometimes she thinks its now. Sometimes it'* a few years back and she thinks she'* only visiting the place, and she keeps talking about how she'* going home that night to natrona heights near pittsburgh. Other times she'll talk about how she'* opening tomorrow at the bakery so she'* going to need a good night'* sleep. Another woman is darned near 80 years old and has problems with going back, thinking all of the people there (we're all white) are ridiculing her because of her race. I just assure her I like black people and continue about my business haha.

Basically the advice given here is good. I've learned not to correct them, that only complicates the current situation at hand (the woman who asks me about food, I tell her its already done and move on. I don't tell her she'* already eaten like the aids do.). God bless, this is a hard thing to go through I'm sure.
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