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Default computer *sigh* + update.

so its come to my attention that in addition to my computer shutting off randomly [due to overheating], both mozilla and ie shut down [without warning] when viewing and that was an annoyance. i uninstalled both browsers and reinstalled them. it didnt fix the issue. so i dled java plugin, thinking thats the issue. didnt fix it, but i just decided to let it lie. EDIT: i did this incorrectly on my first attempt.

my fiance borrowed my computer for about a week or so, last week, and now that i have it back ive noticed that it no longer shuts off randomly. it no longer sounds like ive got an airplane taking off in the living room when the computer fan is on. this leads me to believe that she went behind my back and fixed it and didnt say a word to me about it [i know, the nerve of her ). but i cant load yahoo games either now, in addition to intense-racing. i think its a plugin, but i cant for the life of me figure out why uninstalling the browsers completely and reinstalling them wouldnt fix it.

and on a related note, i went to system restore and tried to restore my computer back to the first restore point still stored on the computer. the system said it was unable to restore to that point. so i went and grabbed my vista cd and decided to install the OS over mine. the system said that it was unable to do that too [which i attribute to my computer not being Vista ready or what-not].

im thinking, complete reformat of the laptop and damn the drivers to hell. buy a copy of XP and install it. nothing like lighting a cigarette with a flamethrower, right?

no seriously, any suggestions?

EDIT: went searching through my prior posts, cuz it seemed like i posted this before. so i found my prior post and saw a response by wjcollier, which addressed the issue. installed the java update from the link he provided, and problem solved. so in conclusion, both complaints i had about the computer [the shutting off randomly and the browsers closing randomly] have been resolved. thank you for listening.

thank you, wjcollier07. and everyone else who responded.

EDIT #2: thank you MOS for providing the idea for the solution, and thank you wjcollier for providing the link
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Java was my idea!! Collier just confirmed it...

I get no respect...

Glad you got it fixed either way, though!! It usually is something simple, people just like pointing out the worst case scenario each time...
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Ask her if she wants to borrow my laptop .... lol

I'm being harassed by GOPROT51.sys blue screen.
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Yer welcome.
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