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Default best april fools joke i have encountered

on the way back to mankato from iowa, i was tuning into all sorts of radio stations... when i finally got back into my area, i popped on 96.7 KDOG and was oddly suprised... they were playing chinese music...

i had not listened to the station in weeks, so i had no idea they had changed to


everything seemed legit.. they had people calling it saying "thank you for the style of music, i love it" KUNG POW FM, Minnesotas newsest radio station...

i listened to some of the chinese music for about 5 min and then turned it...had enough

monday morning i happened to tune them back in for the morning show, the whole thing was an april fools joke... however they continued it on to sunday to throw people off...

so for the entire weekend, KDOG was KUNG POW FM...

i love it!
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haha, i think a station did something like that around here...was not quite that far, that is really funny...but for some reason, i really don't know what chinese music sounds escapes don't think its too common, they must have had to look pretty hard for that tracks...but they probably were not worries about being repetitious because they knew no one would listen long enough to notice...haha...good AF joke
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they did that here as a traditional spanish station last year. was a good one.
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This was posted on a local car forum, pretty funny (mostly cause it'* true :P):

ALERT! Dodge Recalls All Years of SRT-4

Dodge has issued a recall for all Neon SRT-4'* produced between the years of 2003 and 2005. This total recall effects thousands of vehicles on the street today, and if you happen to own one of these vehicles, you should immediately contact your dealer. The automaker ensures its vehicles are safe, and has reluctantly issued this recall, effective immediately, citing joint action against the company by powerhouse automakers including Honda, Toyota, and Ford.

The automobile manufacturer warns that not all of the effected vehicles exhibit the phenomenon, however, the problem can be extremely dangerous to the operators well being if immediate attention is not given to the recall. For this reason, Dodge is urging all owners of these vehicles to contact their local dealer at their earliest convienence.

Several lawsuits have arisen recently in Canada and the United States forcing the major automaker to issue recalls world wide. The unprecedented recall of all vehicles produced over a three year duration has other owners concerned. Dodge has issued statements reassuring that this problem is unique to the SRT-4, and unfortunately all models of the Dodge Viper since its inception in 1990. Viper owners across North America have are up in arms over the recall. Dodges attempts to minimize the recall of its flagship Viper have failed miserably.

Dodge insists the recalls can be handled quickly. A one day service to upgrade the main ECU for the vehicles to ensure compliance with demands from Honda, Toyota and Ford. An out of court settlement reached by the car makers appeased formal complaints and was the catalyst to the recall. Dodge claims that notices for this recall will be sent to all owners on April 1st, 2006. Dodge will allow a one month grace period to be given to owners to get their vehicle serviced. Any owners who do not comply with the recall will have their remaining warranty voided, with no refund given for those who do not obey the recall notices. Dodge estimates each customer will have a $470 bill for the service - a touch most Dodge owners are extremely unhappy about. It comes down to power ratio and safety, and as such Dodge will be reprogramming the ECU'* to reduce power output from 235hp to 175hp. A move that has most owners up in arms.

One owner said, "It'* OK to have the recall, though I don't like it. Ultimately I want to know my car is safe. Having to pay this huge bill, however, really makes me angry. I bought the car to enjoy its speed. I want my money back!"

Conversely, it seems owners of any Honda model, including the S2000, and especially owners of the Ford Mustang GT are very pleased with the recall. After having levied several complaints about getting their butts kicked by Dodges SRT-4. Ford owners across the America'* expressed relief that finally their GT Mustangs might stand a chance when lining up against Dodges SRT-4 pocket rocket. Further fuel for the fire, and in addition to the staggering reduction in horsepower, Dodge will be removing the SRT-4 badging from the rear of the car. In it'* place, owners will see "Neon," in metallic silver trim. I hope I had you going. Dodge isn't likely to do anything of the sort.
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Good ones!

A few years back a local radio station, 100.3, changed formats without telling anyone. One morning I went to work listening to standard rock format. When I got in the truck to go home, the Beatle'* song "Hey, Jude" was playing. After a bit, I relaized that the same song had been playing for over ten minutes and that it wasn't the whole song, just a 2 minute loop of it playing over and over and over. It did that for two days and even made the local Orlando paper. Then, it was suddenly a Spanish language channel.

At first I thought it was a joke...
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one of the radio stations near here started early in the week before april 1st last year, building tension between a couple djs and their boss. starting the day before the first, they "hijacked" the radio station and supposably no one could get them off the air. according to the djs, the radio station tried to shut them down, but they could "override" it in the studio. they had roof access, so they urged ppl to bring them stuff to eat and they had a bucket to pull it to the top of the building.

oddly, during this entire "hijacking", they continued to comply with FCC regulations and never once broke any of the stations rules. they kept playing commercials, saying that as long as they kept doing what was supposed to be done, no one could be upset about it.

it ended right after april 1st. i never heard, but need i say, april fools joke. very elaborate.
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