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Default bad mood rant

This is just my rant. No need to read it.

What the hell is wrong with people? I've gone my entire life without too much mishap, if I had a question, I looked for an answer and moved on. All I see are people who insist on living the past(Sorry to whoever may feel targeted by this. It'* not intentional). Between that, shear ignorance, "gimme gimme gimme" bullshit, and the list goes on and on. I almost wish I were at home so I could type this without dealing with the children here at work.

Ultimately, I guess it'* the world I disapprove of. I can't target any one individual and again, I'm not intending to. So how can I say it? Greed pisses me off. It'* never-ending to boot. I believe everyone is entitled to a fair and earned profit, but when you look at any company based in the USA, you surpass fair and earned profit and step into the world of "I have more money than you and I'm going to use my money to take the money you have away." This does not apply to all, but most. So we have a very small step into why I do not like corporations at this point in time.

Lets step into politics. I'm not starting a flame war and so help me, if anyone else starts anything about one side being better than the other, he/she/it will be signed up on my list of things I can't stand. No political side is right. The politicians, for the most part, are lawyers that want more power than they should even be considered for. I don't like politicians(why I intend to try to become one so I can change things? I doubt I'd ever make it though). Most, not all, politicians are out for one thing. Settling their debts and personal agendas. If they get to the working man, yay, if not, get over it. I don't forsee any changes in that anytime soon.... at least until I can get into it all and knock some heads around to make a point(still debating what point I'm trying to make. I don't think I even know yet)

Idiots... I hate idiots. Idiots breed, and that'* bad. Idiots make life hard for the non-idiots. Dragging people down and forcing everyone to be subjected to things that are normally considered common sense. Everyone has idiot moments, but true idiots live in these moments all of their unnatural lives. I have yet to see anyone here be an idiot and allowed to stay, so congrats to you all on that So if you were looking to see if anyone here qualified on this part of my rant, you need not worry.

Probably the biggest part of my rant stems from the people I am around on a daily basis. The beggars. If you want something from me, ask. I'll either do/give whatever you ask, or I'll decline your request. If you think for one second that "no" means "maybe", or you can convince me otherwise, you are sorely mistaken. I will do things if I would like to see the thing done, or if I really REALLY like the person. Nothing pisses me off more than someone telling me what I am going to do. I know full well what I'm going to do, and stepping on my toes, TELLING me what I'm going to do will cause nothing but problems for the person making the request. This does not extend to work. I get paid to do my job, and my job is what my boss asks me to do. It'* the "after hours" BS that really gets to me...

It'* almost like the Alliant Energy(natural gas company, and the only one available in my area to supply homes...) telling me that I HAVE to pay them $15.00 because they had an error in there system and it "returned my payment". **** you! I pay what I owe and not a penny more. It'* not my problem that someone elses system screwed up, and it'* going to be pretty difficult to get money out of my wallet if I don't owe it.

I guess to summarize, I'm tired of getting walked on, fucked over, screwed over, told what to do by people who have no business telling me anything, politicians(all sides) that watch after each other and not their people, idiots who drag me down, and I can't even fathom what else. That'* all for now.

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I feel ya. I just have a very low opinion of people in general so that makes it easier for me.
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you may want to talk to your doctor about tryign alprazolam :P
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Whew!! I hope you feel a little better getting that off of your chest. I can sympathize with you.

Here is my rant:
My job leaves me untrusting of people and I try not to get jaded but it isn't easy. I have people try to scam every day and I hate having to feel like a glorified babysitter for these people. Why should I have to try and hold your hand and coax you into paying your bills. No other company calls you or sends you reminders they just cancel your ****.

Also, I try to be up front with my clients and tell them what might happen in different scenarios to let them make an informed decision. Yesterday it was turned around and I was told by a 3rd party that I was telling someone not to turn in a claim. I'm sorry the lady has had 15 other claims on her policy and I only told her that if she has a $250 deductible and it costs $300 to replace the windshield she MAY want to consider not turning it in since insurance is getting so ticky about claim frequency and such. I just didn't want to see her do something that may or may not cause her premium to increase. Geesh!!! So, here'* the dilemna- do I continue to give my clients advice so they can prevent possible repercussions or just say F- it and let them hang themselves????

Okay, end of my rant.
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Cool a rant page. Let me think............ Uh............Dam...........Pretty Mellow today actually. OK! I got Something! Yep.... This really pisses me of. Hostess use to always make Bonus Packs. You know; Like 3 Cupcakes for the price of 2. And 4 Zingers for the price of three. Yep. A Big Gulp and 2) 4 packs of Zingers. Heaven.

It'* not that getting older frees You from problems.... It'* just that as You get older You just dont care. Tomorrow will come never the less. Maybe with an extra Zinger.
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Miserable people go out of their way to make other people miserable. THEY SUCK!!!

Try and make the best of it and remember, no matter where you go, you will always find an *******.
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I can feel ya.
Where I live, meeting an inteligent person is becoming a rarirty. The predominant force are @$$es around here. That'* the main reason the local steel mill is closing... Everyone robbed it blind- either in sleeping on the job or steeling whatever they could get their hands on. Now they're whining and expecting handouts because they've lost their jobs. I feel no pity for (most of) them, as they had it coming. Now the big business in my city is these "cafe and more'*" which are nothing more than legalized gambling establshments with video gambling machines... wow i better shut up before i get too fired up... but yeah im with ya, people in general irritate me.
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Good lord, don't get me started on people! I was amazed when I came to where I currently work. I was here for a few months and people that had been here years were asking me questions on how things worked process wise or on our manufacturing computer system. People just don't want to think anymore.

And while I'm at it, I want to rant about the idiots on the road hogging the left lane.

And I'm sick of people waiting to do things last minute. I'm on our church worship committee and plan the service every four weeks. The minister didn't bother to tell me that the evening service for last week was already planned. So for one thing, I went through the trouble of planning it for no reason. Then I get a call less than two hours before said service asking if I can put all the songs on the power point system (we don't usually do the power point at night). I wasn't able to do it, and once I got to church found out about the service not being the one I wrote.

Then there is the lack of customer service and respect in this country that drives me insane. Our motto these days seems to be "Unless you want to me money, it'* not my problem"
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Oh, I'll give my rant too

Dear John Doe (name has been faked to protect the identity of my worker),
You're a freaking idiot, you ain't all that, you look like you haven't got some for ages and you walk around the damn store strutting your stuff, well I'm ready to take my PDA and shove it up.........I mean seriously, how can you not be fired, you do nothing. Hell, when I fart while I'm standing, PRESTO, I've just done more work than you have all day. Geez, why are you avoiding me like I'm the freaking plague, I am not sorry that my deafness makes you uncomfortable, you're the one that has problems, not me. I'm a freaking HUMAN, look at me when you talk to me YOU DIMWIT, don't walk three aisles out of my way to avoid me....personally you need to be FIRED.

[/end rant]
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So I was off for the past 2 days due to my little girl being ill. I come to work, sit down to do payroll, and all my files are gone. So of-course I'm like WTF?? I guess the computer crashed on Tuesday and noone could try to do anything about it. HELLO PEOPLE!!! CALL OUR COMPUTER GUY! But no, that was to simple. So i did today, no good that did, they are gone So now I have to re-enter all the stuff in, and on top of that, my estimating system is jacked up also. Greeeeat! Then I go to write out the payroll checks and lone behold the new checks were printed wrong so now I can't write them.

On another note, I hate my job, the people, everything. This place sucks big hairy donkey balls.

Ok, I'm done
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