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I know someone who quit smoking through hypnosis. Don't know how common that is, but he was happy he did it.
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A few of my neighbors had trouble quitting and they were chewing everything in site. They started using a nicotine inhaler and it calmed their erges to smoke and they quit in about 3 weeks of that and now they have color in their faces..
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I quit cold turkey. I had been smokeing on and off for about 4 years. Mainly heavily in the summer (4 hours away from home working outside at a camp) but little to none in the winter.

I actually quit a few times, not because I couldn't kick the habbit, but I had my places I smoked alot and some non at all. EG: When living at home with my parents I only smoked when I was out for the night, never at home. This was because a) my parents didn't know I smoked, and b) my grandfather died of emphasema (sp?) when I was 1yo.My parents don't think to highly of it. They eventually found out (like all parents do ) and I tried quitting once then, but I wasn't ready to quit yet.

The summer camp I worked at was a hot spot for smokeing. Since I spent 10+ weeks living with people my same age (15-23 roughly) it was kinda a free-for-all to do whatI wanted...including smokeing with no hassells.

To make a long story shorter...I quit when my aunt kept harassing me about it and I was ready to quit as well. I just set a date with 3 other co-workers and we all planned on quiting then. Well, 2 of the 4 have stuck with it. I did however snack more to make up for all that time I normally would have spent smokeing.

Part of the trick to quiting cold turkey is to figure out what your triggers are and either remove them or change them so they don't tempt you as much. For me, my triggers were as follows:

1) driving - Lit one up every time the key turned...and kept one ready to go when ever I was driving.

2) bordem - When I was bored I often found myself takeing a smoke break just for something to do.

3) stress - The more stress the more I smoked.

The easiest way to curb them was to keep bust with things I liked to do. I would be working on something and look up at the clock and realize hours had past, and I never even thought about a smoke.

Just for a little backgrount as well, I normally smoked between a pack and a palk 'na half a day. On "bad days" I could take down 2 packs! If you can get by the first month you got it made. Just keep thinking to yourself "do I really want to try and go thru all this hassell of quiting again?" and just don't lite it up. You'll be glad later that you didn't.
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