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My wife called a couple for hours ago and the basement was a bit flooded, it hadn't rained so I had her call the Dept of Water to come check the sewer main since its been the cause of the last 7 or so basement floods.

Bad news is the sewer main is flooded, They power jetted it and will send a camera down it tomorrow and probably rotor router it depending on what they find.

Good news is that the backflow valve, which we had put in to prevent this worked fine. All the 'water' in the basement is our own grey water; from doing dishes, shower, laundry, tiolet (wife said she hadn't gone), ect; that could not get out due to the backflow valve being closed. It backed up thru the floor drain in the basement.

My wife says the sheetrock and insulation I had sitting down there to refinish the basement from the last flood - all got wet. Probably can save the insulation.

Wether the wife likes it or not, they're some changes coming. I'm going to add a sump pump even thou theres no place where it will be mostly hidden (not even a good place to put it actually but I don't care-its going in). Adding a water alarm so we'll know when not to use the toilet at least. I'm going to raise the whole washer and dryer area up 4-6 inches; these aren't even a year old yet and cost quite a bit.

The head of the Dept of water better have the rest of the week off; I might be calmed down by Monday

no pics since I'm at work and my wallet hurts already.
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