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Default In 2000 Words

This might get long. I'm sorry.

I just thought I would document my life story on this car forum real quick and some thoughts about life.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

5a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad b : the object of such devotion c : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion

June, 1999
I suddenly became a fan of Grand Ams, the newer on5es, the grille, the body everything did it for me, that was the car I wanted when I turned 15 and got my license.

February 2003 First speeding ticket in my old 78 chevy pickup.

February 2003 Engine throws rod, $2000 to fix, truck is sent to Junk Yard.

February 2003Spoke with my father'* friend Doug Holfeldt (pretty famous in the dodge Cummins performance world, former mechanic who won the lottery 10 years ago) I needed a car for under $1500 that would be reliable and last. I only had $1500 as I was pretty much self employed running an ebay career. So he recommended the most grandma styled car I could find with a 3800 of course. The next day we found an '87 olds 98 regency for $1000 with 196,000 on it. Instantly purchased it, it needed a radiator. Fixed, car ran ok, lots of issues, everything was worn out. However I loved this car, the comfort and power were great even if it had 160HP or whatever, it was a great car, all my friends loved cruising in the grandma mobile except the girlfriend at the time . But that relationship ended up going in the toilet anyway.

July 2003 After moving from Idaho to Wyoming and getting fired from subway for messing up an important customers sandwich order I was fired after messing up a guys sandwich, my parents decided I should move

July 2003My mom and I drive to Pocatello, where I went to high school and Junior High. We were checking out possible ideas for further education, I was thinking something computer related as I had made a substantial ammount of money fixing broken laptops and reselling them with the help of ebay, So we went to visit a "program" at the technical college of ISU. In the parking lot in front of the building was a 94 green SSEi, driven by my soon to be instructor/professor. At this point I had been looking for a new 3.8 and come across some Bonnevilles and Buicks, but this was the first time I had ever heard of or seen an SSEi. The blacked out tail lights, the large dual exhaust ports, the "ssei" meant something special but I had no idea what it meant, the tinted windows and sunroof popped open to vent mode. The "supercharged" word underneath the badge. Oh yes I had to get one of these. My mom shrugged when I saw it and said, no not until you get out of school can you afford something like that.

August 2003 I moved back from Wyoming back to Idaho to get a job and go to school full time. I found a job at an advertising firm that did market research for commercials. It was great, 17 years old living by myself with my own car independent and everything.

Keep in mind during this time frame I am on the lookout for an SSEi but did not have much money to spare, I wanted a project car.

May 2004I found and ad in the Thrifty Nickel that said "Pontiac - $500, runs needs work call xxx-xxxx" So I call hoping it to be a Bonneville, of course it is to my amazement, I drive over and check it out, it has some body damage but runs perfect and shifts perfect. It had been for sale for a while so the owner says look, I want this out of the driveway, $100 its yours. Title Signed Over. I get this 89 LE and my friends loved it, even though it was t-boned at 35-40mph by a Sunfire according to the owner. I went to the body shop, its unfixable without $3000 of work. So I'm sorta screwed.

June 2004
I google bonneville forum as I have been a forum addict since around 2001. I stumbled upon this website. It seemed fairly active and organized. I made my first post.

I get a quick answer only a couple hours later. Amazing.

I ended up selling the car for $200 to some folks that did not speak english well but hey they had real cash so it was cool.

September 2004

I made my second post, I found a beat up 93 SSEi with a bad engine with most likely bad bearings, again bonnevilleclub to the rescue, talked me out of not getting screwed with a lemon car.

So I kept on looking. and looking.

October, 2004

My third thread I found a base 92 se for 1800, I decided nay, later that month I found a 94 olds 88 with just over 100,000 for $1200, instant buy. This car kept me thru June of 2006 when I has hit by a convicted felon in my driveway.

It looked like a bonneville without the better body and handled like one so I said screw it. Bought it.

May 2005
Just read this thread lol, I just started working where I work now and saw this in the parking lot, I left a note saying how I wanted to buy it lol.

Never returned my note, I still see the car on the road today.

BonneMNMe was right.

July 2005 Browsing ebay I came across a 94 SSEi in Salt lake city, I won the auction, $500 with 150,000, engine ran poorly and several leaks in the main bearing and transmission lines were junk. It ran out of transmission fluid on the way home.

September 2005
Space Shuttle Thread

Car leaves. I sold it for what I paid pretty much as the lower intake manifold gasket had most likely gone out along with continued problems with the transmission. It was truly a POS.

I needed an SSEi though. I keep looking...looking...looking.

February/March, 2006 I was loosing it, I just got my tax refund back and was ready to get a nice car. I looked and looked, then spoke with DriverJohn2005, he mentioned he would look at a car if I found one near him since I was having no luck at all finding an SSEi. I checked Autotrader and found one north of Seattle in Lake Stevens, wow did it look good and the ad mentioned it had a new transmission, new HUD windshield, fresh LIM gaskets, Everything that went wrong with my first SSEi was right on this one, and it was in better shape. Perfect. John went out of his way to look at it, and said it was worth it.

Sight unseen I sent Brian the owner of the car in Washington a check for it and had it towed from Northwestern Washington to Idaho.

The famous post here:

Photos are gone, I stil have them but no longer own the website which the server they were posted on bla bla. but its still funny IMO.

July 2006 I meet Travis, Tracy, Bill, Mike and Bob, we are on the way to WCBF.

Best trip of my life, Ever, hands down. I've never been with people who are so "free" so careless, people that did not care so much about what others think, people who are always willing to lend a helping hand. The oddest part was it is that I had never met any of these guys/gals in person, yet we already felt like we knew each other for years or something. Already I was stoked and ready to drive to Oregon. It was great there I got to meet the rest of people who I had been interacting with for 2 years. I learned more than I could digest and met a lot more people who all seemed to act the same way, nobody was really arguing once during the trip, no one complained once that I can remember.

Good times.

Friday the 13th of October 2006: 11:45pm

While camping with some friends I wondered off to take a little "nature walk" to the top of this little hill to see what was on top, on the way down at some point I fell an unspecified distance and suffered a complete dislocation of my knee, lost consciousness and was out in the cold for around 7 hours. I was found by a person in a Jeep who was fishing or just 4x4ing. I could no longer move my foot, I knew this meant I would mean I would not be able to drive normal for a while or walk for that matter. This was hard to deal with on a mental note. Of course being in Idaho we could not find a surgeon who was interested in repairing the lateral collateral ligament due tot he damage, and apparently during this type of injury amputation is normal. My dad helped me look into further options, we found a doctor in salt lake city who said he would give it a shot. You have most likely read the thread already.

November 7th, 2006 I drive for the first time after the accident, I did not go far but I'm able to stop the car and accelerate just fine by using my hip and stretching my muscles. Braking is done by my left foot.

November 7th, 2006I get a phone call confirming there is a high likelihood of Doug Holfeldt having mesothelioma and may not live for must over a year or two, his lungs are slowly dieing and he is loosing strength, he spent his life as a mechanic fixing cars and fixing trains and dealt with asbestos on a daily basis. It was a day destroyed by the bad news, the person that convinced me that the 3800 was the way to go, was going to die soon.

Same day Driverjohn2005 decides he wants to make a visit out of Idaho. I was a bit shocked, its a good 9 hour drive in the winter months to get here. I mean its not like there is anything to do in the off season here.

November 10th, 2006 John shows up with a ford. hmm....yeah. anyway I did not think he was serious initially but he made it fine.

November 11th, 2006John helps me out and makes a run to target to help me with some groceries, I did not ask him to either, he just says he is leaving. ok whatever. so he gets back with a card. and some paperwork from some sort of disabled drivers business. wow thanks for the card man that is cool considering the only card I received was from a grandma on my moms side.

I open the card and nearly have a heart attack.

Its 2:30 in the morning and I am still having a hard time reacting completely. I'm pretty much speechless as to what was contained in that card and cannot get over it. I knew there were generous people out there. H*** Harofreak00 gave me 2 shirts for free and was refusing to let me pay him, Willwren was hinting about how he had a hookup near me for a left gas pedal. But what I saw I in no way expected nor do I know how it was coordinated or what not. All I can say it is amazing. Truly Amazing. I dont even know what to say now, my mind is going blank at the moment.

The only thing I can think of is thank you to whoever was a part of it, and I will be driving legally with a left foot pedal very soon.

Again I would like to thank everyone that was a part of this, I wish I could help y'all out in some way or another other, everyone who helped out will be payed back in one way or another. You can count on it.

The moment I determined what was going on, had to beat any drug or sexual experience I have ever had. Hands Down I was in shock for several minutes.

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This club is unbelieveable.

It truly is amazing how your life can take a turn for the worst and the greatest part of it comes from the most unlikely and unexpected source.
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You're welcome Hans. I'll say collectively, it was our pleasure!

Now get better and get back out there
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BillBoost37 is a glorious beacon of lightBillBoost37 is a glorious beacon of lightBillBoost37 is a glorious beacon of lightBillBoost37 is a glorious beacon of lightBillBoost37 is a glorious beacon of lightBillBoost37 is a glorious beacon of light

Great place isn't it Hans..lots of awesome people.
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so were a cult now huh. :P

we do have a great group of members here.

Happy trails
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good times man.. good times

The moment I determined what was going on, had to beat any drug or sexual experience I have ever had. Hands Down I was in shock for several minutes
that just makes it....

haha, i love how you have no idea how we pulled it off!
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Hated to keep ya in the dark..........Ok,not really

I have found over the last couple of years that this is the tightest knit group of people with a common interest that,most prolly will never meet.

Good luck to ya and get back behind the wheel soon
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Well written, Hans. The drugs must have worn off........until my Get Well soon card gets to you.

You are very welcome. Enjoy a gift from your extended BC family.

We had to keep you driving your Bonne, one way or another.

We voted that the left foot control is the best way for you to do it.
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Anything for our brothers and sisters here on BC. It'* the least we can do.
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I agree that it was our pleasure to help you out Hans. My contribution was small compared to others, but I still felt part of it all and it made me happy to help out someone else.

I've never seen a forum like this in my life, such a tight knit group of people who for the most part don't even know each other. Calling it a cult is a good comparison, because all of a sudden there I was mindlessly selling what I could and wishing I had more to give to someone Ive never even met.

Glad we could help you out Hans. Hope to see you back on the road soon!
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