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Chris in Chicago


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Default Chris in Chicago

I guess I never introduced myself, so here it is. I've got a 1996 Buick Park Avenue that I swapped an L67 into after the L36 spun two bearings.

The whole story is that 3rd started slipping in the trans. At first, it would only do if if you were going 30 mph and hit the throttle moderatly hard to accelerate but it stayed in third gear. It would do the chuddle thing (I think that'* what GM calls it) It wasn't the torque convertor because it would be unlocked at under 45 mph, and one time, I definatly saw the convertor unlock b/c the tach went up 500 rpm, and as I continued to add throttle, it would chuddle. It'* wouldn't let go completely like I think it should have, but it would just shake. The car had new wires and plugs, so it wasn't ignition related.

The problem got bad enough that I could barely accelerate in 3rd gear without it shaking. If I came up to a red and it would turn green when I was still going 25 mph, I'd hit the throttle to accelerate and it would shake at the smallest throttle input.

Starngest thing is, second was fine. Full throttle into second would result in a nice, smooth shift. I didn't know what a 2-3 shift would do, though.

So, one week later, I gave the old girl a full throttle run through first and second gear. At about 85 mph and 5600 rpm in second, I wanted to see what would happen during a WOT 2-3 shift at redline. The trans was already going, what'* the worst that could happen? Well, it just stopped accelerating. II had my foot on the floor, and the car just sat at 5800 rpm - 90 mph. I never felt it let go and hit the rev limiter, as if it tried to shift and slipped badly. It just stayed put. I don't think the computer ever commanded a 2-3 shift. The check engine light wasn't on, so I don't think it was protecting itself. I don't know.

I quickly ran out of room and stopped next to my friend in his car (honistly, we weren't racing) Long story short, I hear a bad, bad noise coming from his car and told him so. He looked at me funny and said I think it'* coming from your car. WHAT????? I immediatly pull over and pop the hood. I couldn't see anything out of place, like pulleys, alt., A/C compressor, etc. What the heck? I go back to look at the gauges. Oil pressure it at 20 psi, right on the red line. I though to myself the only thing it could be is a spun rod bearing. My stomach sunk, and I knew I was in trouble.

I babied the car 7 miles home, all the way having the red low oil pressure light staring me down, shunning me for driving the car.

The next morning, I go to start the car. It cranked really slow and had terrable rod knock once started, all sings of a spun bearing.

When I got around to pulling the oil pan, I found 2 spun rod bearings, #2 and #6. I checked the clearances on the other 4, and all were over .005, which is huge. Rod bearing are usually a maximum of .0025, so the bottom end was significanly worn out.

I think the worst part of the whold thing it that the car only had 82K miles on it when this happened. I have my theory as to why it was so worn out. My mom had the car before me, and only drove 2 miles to work everyday. She also cam home for lunch everyday. The poor car probably never even got into closed loop, and would be cold started 4 times per day. That went on for six years. In six years, she only put 30,000 miles on the car. 5,000 milles per year. I know my dad used the oil change light to know when to change the oil, always used NAPA 10W-30 mineral oil, and would end up changing the oil about every 9-10 months (even though he says he did it every 3 months. It'* funny he'd say that, because if I ask him the last time he changed the oil in his car was, he'd have no idea when that was) He changes oil when he thinks it'* been a while, which is always over 6 months.

My mom also had no mercy on the car when it wasn't at opperating temp. Every day, she'd pull out onto the street with a 3,000 rpm 1-2 shift, even if it was the middle of winter, was 10* that night and the car was ice cold because she had just started it 30 seconds ago. (Imagine doing that 4 times per day, for 6 years) She also forced the heat on full blast the second she got in the car.

As for the trans, I think it might had been a bad shift solenoid allowing line pressure to leak past it into the pan causing the 3rd clutch the not grab strong enough. But, that'* only a guess.

So, now I've got a 71K salvaged L67 from a '99 Park Avenue and a salvaged 4T60-E(HD) trans with 62K miles from a 1996 Park Avenue Ultra with an L67 stock. I love that car even more now, espically because I can drive it.

I've only ran a 15.9 at the track, which seems somewhat slow to me, but I guess I'm just expecting too much from the car. It'* fast enough for me, and the whine from the blower really puts a smile on my face.

I just want everyone to know that I share their love from GM'* Supercharged 3.8L 231 ci V6 (or the one gallon engine, if you please) in a full size H-Body or C-Body

Oh, and, my friends and I are addicted to Bonneville Club. One guy has a '96 Bonn SE, and another has an '97 Olds LSS with an L67. I don't think a day goes by where Bonneville Club doesn't come up in our daily converstations. "I saw on B.C...." "I was reading that....." "I saw ..... did so and so" and the like. This place is just addicting. I can't leave. Everyone'* so helpful and nice, and I try to pitch in where I can.

Well, that'* my story and I'm sticking to it! Hope to see everyone around.
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Welcome!!!! this is more addicting than crack! ( no i have never done crack lol)
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Wow. He'* like us. Welcome, enjoy.
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glad to have ya are the rest of us crazies
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