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Default WCBF '07 thanks!

Now that all but the Rounds family are home, I thought it would be a good time to put this up. I have some specific thank you'* to toss out, but I'm not going to bore you with ALL of them.

In no particular order:

1. Bob......I told you last night, I couldn't have done it without you. As usual.

2. Laura Bernardo: You took over my house quickly, and helped me keep up immensely. I expect you to wear that T-shirt (and g-string) I bought you this year when you're doing next year'* dishes. Thanks for keeping an eye on Bo too, and all the special attention you gave Katie.

3. Cindy Rounds: Campground Mom. Pit Crew extrordinaire. Without Pmom and Tracy this year, you filled a critical gap in our 'staffing'. The entire Rounds family was just fantastic this year. They immediately became the 'gathering point' at the KOA.

4. Travis: Your help at ZillaMotorsports was unrivaled by anyone. Without Boosty this year, it all fell on you, and you performed flawlessly. I can't think of a car you didn't hump.....err......work on.

5. INTENSE: The gift certificates and sets of plug boots were great prizes for the track winners this year. Thanks again for supporting our meet for the 4th year in a row. We'd like a set of stage 3 cylinder heads for next year'* winner.

6. AudioFiles: Great tinting, and thanks for tolerating our 'younger' crowd while they poked around the shop. We look forward to more tinting next year, and maybe a couple audio installs.

7. 2000CadillacSTS (CaddyMatt): You stepped up to the plate and filled the SLEeper'* seat well. I couldn't have hired a better gun. Well done! (and next time, when I say swerve left, do it before you run over the leftovers that come out from under Damien!)

8. Matt and Joel: You guys are nucking futs. Your character and personality are a key component to any meet here. Fricking hilarious. Can't wait for both cars to get here next year! Your help and company, along with Rod, were greatly appreciated while we ripped the guts out of the Zilla early in the meet. Matt, you need to practice tying your shoes and hooking up plug wires. Joel, you need to cork your arse when you're in my garage next time. Rod, you enforce the cork rule.

9: Hans: Glad you made it and didn't blow up! Your sense of humor about your eating problems was great. You kept your spirits up, and never gave up. I tried like hell to find ways to get 'real' food in you, but you finally discovered Coldstone, and I could stop worrying. YOU are the official photographer for WCBF '08. No doubt.

10: Jared: Great to see you again, especially without your nerf-gun-toting spawn aiming projectiles at my head. You sir, were in the wrong lane! We'll pull you to the dark side next year.

11. Matt and Wendy: I'm VERY glad you came out this year. We got to meet BOTH of you finally, and see BOTH of those super-clean Bonnevilles. Looking forward to seeing one or both run at the track next year. Wendy, we're even for the Zilla-ride (I cleaned up the pee already). I bought the fix-a-flat for Matt.

12. Shadd: You had a hectic schedule, and I'm glad you made it work. Congrats to your sister as well. It wouldn't have been a WCBF without you. You're like a brother to me, and Bo and I had lumps in our throats (one of us whined a bit) as you pulled away. See you soon.

13. John: My other little brother. Seems like I just saw you yesterday when you pulled in again. Lets get together again soon later in the season and nail this year'* PB down for you. Like Shadd......well ****, you know.

14: Paul: Crazy freaking What can I say? I can't decide if my best times with you were discussing tires and launches in the pits, or watching your antics at the KOA. The best compliment I can give you is from Katie. She got a kick out of you and your sense of humor. I didn't tell her you were old.

15: Celin and Keven: You made it! It was cool as hell to have you stay with us at the KOA, race with you, and enjoy your sense of humor. Bring a Bonneville AND some RadarB8 next year. We need a little red car to lead the Woodburn convoy.

16: Thomas: We were pleased and truly honored that you spen that time with us. It was fantastic to race with you. You are a class act and a great competitor. You have been a great friend to us for a long time, and we look forward to doing this again next year if you can make it. I hope your twin stripes stay in the street until you come back to freshen them up a bit.

Those that were missed:

Greg: Keep your head down and try to stay cool. We'll see you next year hopefully, and keep an eye out for a little package from WCBF. You were honored during our awards.

EK98: My good friend EK ditched us. I will whoop his arse appropriately when I see him next, and we'll have a good run in both cars at the strip together later in the season. Stick around, bud.

The Loza'*: Shiek Abdullah Akhbar and Mom. There were a couple tears while you were honored during the WCBF awards. It just wasn't the same without you, but you were there in spirit. I had nightmares with the Shiek in them saying "that'll make a turd" every night of WCBF. Cindy and Laura took good care of your boys.

Tracy, Bill, and Mike Chezzi: Every OTHER year? Maybe?

Hope I didn't leave anyone out.
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Hats off to Bill for hosting another great event.
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My turn....

Thanks for the Invite, I appreciate you extending the invite for the family and I to stay at the KOA, hang at your house etc. That just made sence to hang with you guys because I was on vacation, not like the PDX crowd which worked their jobs until the last minute. This killed two birds with one stone because I took my family tent and cabin camping at the same time, the kids had a great time.
When I sit back and think about it, I'm thrilled that we bumped into each other back in 2004 at Wodburn during your first WCBF because the Bonnevilles and PNW Grand Prixs have bonded like the brothers in Pontiac blood that they really are and that just rocks...
Bill, you are a true leader and the best of examples for your membership, I know your proud and you should be....
I could ramble on for a while so I'll top it off with my highlight of the meet: I am so honored to receive that Gearhead award you have so many members in the Bonneville club that contribute to the greater good over and over, I still can't believe that you gave that to me.. ... ... Thank you so much, I appreciate it and appreciate it and I'll place it with the rest of my GP/Bonneville related awards with pride, honor and respect. Thank you...

I'm always thanking you, its because you are the most self-less person I know. you are as cool as they come and I'm proud to have you as a friend and a neighbor... in Phoenix that is.. Once the weather cools down a little we got to get some work done on your sled and stop saying "its not important", sometimes being a friend means you have to say "yes" or "ok". Being able to share the good times at WCBF with you made it like home for me and my family and I appreciate it. I couldn't ask for a better friend because its just not possible.. I'll see you back in the oven Mr.

To all the members that I actually remember like Paul & John, it was great to see you guys again, thanks for the good times, John, if I make it to the PDX Christmas party I'll expect to see you there. Paul, your Bonneville is really impressive, keep up the good work and thanks for coming..

To all the other Bonneville members I met for the first time, I had a great time and appreciate your hospitality, you guys are a fun crowd and know how to have a good time. Travis, I have two .csv files for you, I just need an email address and thanks for the ride, you scared the H*** out of me when you ran thru the RailRoad crossing while doing an ABS system check.. crazy ****...

I'm looking forward to next year but I have one small condition... Boosty must come next year... or else...

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Hey Bill, Cindy here. I had a great time. Can't wait for next year. We all enjoyed ourselves. Everyone was unique in there own way a great bunch of (kids). It was a lot of fun. We are on our balcony overlooking the ocean right now in Shelter Cove. They have lights that shine down on the rocks at night so you can still see the waves rolling over them. Tommorow we head to Fort Bragg for another night on the beach then home on Friday. Beats sleeping in a tent specifically since we leave the balcony door open to listen to the waves all night. Not to mention we have had two air mattresses go flat on us this trip and I am to old to get up off the ground when my air mattress goes flat in the middle of the night. (MY POOR OLD BACK).

See you next year if not sooner.
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Bob- Excellent work this year. You amaze me with your continued devotion and hard work you put to make the WCBF'* a meet to remember. THANK YOU!

Bill W. (Boss)- Hey there cutie Ok, lets not get me so intoxicated when we hand out the awards.

Matt W.- Great job this year and taking the trophy back up to Canadia. It is always a pleasure hanging out with you buddy!

Rod R.- Thanks for all the great stories and advice. It was awsome to have you and the family there the entire time!

Cindy R.- Thanks for taking care of me in my hung over, bent back morning. I'm sorry about the present I left at your campsite! But I think we need to go out drinking next year!

Rod Jr.- How did that "Mt. Dew" treat ya?!

Matt *.- Ok, we need to get you into a 3800 of some sort, you are SO missing out! Yes, you can come next year

Hans- COngratz on the 98! She seems to be doing great! Love the rims! But why didn't you talk more? :P :P

Paul and Laura- Pleasure as always. Still glad to see the rims are treating you well! Can't wait to see you next year!

Travis- Sorry, I'll have your helments shipped out once you get me your address!

Celine- Has anyone told you lately how HOTT you are? I'm being completly serious!

Kevin- Disregard the above comment

Joel- *Insert sexually perverted joke here* See ya next year buddy!

Mike- Thanks for all the help in the pits, esp when Bill'* SLE was going crazy!

Thomas- I will see you in December, and so will Bill! Thanks for making the trip!

Jared- I'm still drooling over your car! Awsome work and I was happy to see her run!

Mike and Wendy- BEAUTIFUL cars you got there! Nice purchase on the Suburban too! See you next year!

Shadd- We're going to be hanging out a lot more since I'll be closer to you! Look out Mosses Lake!!!!

O'Niel and Nichole It was SO HARD to not have you guys here this year. It wasn't complete without O'Neils turbin head at the track and Nichole yelling at her boys! I hope to see you next year, if not before. I love you guys!
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I didn't want to ditch!! If the meet was a week earlier I coulda been there. Oh well :( I'll be seeing you (Bill) soon though...
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Alright, my turn.

Bob- Really good to see you again! Thanks for all your hard work with the awards, and we'll see ya next year!

Bill W.- Another great year! Thanks for letting me drive SLEeper. It really was a pleasure. And yeah, sorry about running directly over that tire....(you knew about that huh?)

Matt W.- Congrats on the win! Good to see you again and I will try to make it up to Red Deer ASAP.

Rod R.- Oh boy, good times. You definitely had some great stories. See ya next year!

Cindy R.- You're pretty much the nicest person ever! Thanks for letting me (and Joel) take Rod Jr. with us on our little "OSU Runs," and for all your hard work!

Rod Jr.- Always remember the "One Way Street" incident.

John- JOHN!! Good times as always buddy. Next time though, I'll lift the massive cooler. Haha.

Hans- Nice '98! Really looks good with the GXP rims on there. Good times around the campfire!

Paul and Laura- Great to see you guys again! The car is looking spotless as always...except for that ding in the passenger side rear door. Jeez Paul....I'm very disappointed. Hahaha, hope to see you guys again soon.

Travis- John and I got about halfway home when I realized the helmets that were in my truck weren't mine.

Joel- Oh boy, the memories. Overall, a "Great success!" Doesn't it just blow your skull how awesome WCBF is every year?

Mike and Wendy- I can't say I've ever seen any two Bonnevilles in better condition. They look great! Good to meet you!

Shadd- We need to hang out more for sure. Nice truck, too! Probably see you again before too long.

O'Neil and Nichole- Really missed you guys this year! Good luck with the family and hope to see you again soon!
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Default WCBF 2007

Laura and Paul - It was great to see you again this year. Really enjoyed your company and Laura wasn't that some smooth Tequila Celine and Kevin brought. I'll have to find us a special bottle for next year. Paul, Rod is so jealous of your car it is like getting into a brand new car only a lot faster. We do have five times the mileage on our Bonneville though. Thanks for your help on our car.

Bill - Rod says next year he will be expecting his T-Bone. Thanks for letting us use your garage and tools and all your help to get our car running right. I like your cutout. I am planning to bring my CAT Lexie next year to. Hope she will be more friendly to Beau. As always everything was great.

Travis - Thanks for all the help on our car. Rod says especially number 6. Glad you made it home safe, it could have been a lot worse. See you next year.

Bob - So glad you got to come. We couldn't fit your chair, sorry. Thanks for washing my car. See you next year.

John - No problem about the gift you left in our campsite. Glad your trip back was safe. All the girls love that you always call them Sweetie. Rod Jr. didn't seem to show any signs of his live wire drink. (Of couse he isn't admitting to us that he drank anything either). See you next year.

Matt *. - Rod Jr. sure liked cruising OSU with you and Joel. He can't wait for next year. Hope you finally made it to Quizno'*.

Joel - I enjoyed your jokes and funny comments even the ones not meant for mixed company. Hope you get to come next year. Rod Jr. wants to cruise OSU again.

Matt W. - Enjoyed you and learning about Red Deer. Sounds like a great place. Glad you got to take the trophy home. Keep those bottle caps out of your eyes.

Shadd - Glad you got to come again this year. Sorry you got a ticket. And what can I say, I have never heard anyone make those noises with a can of cheese spread.

Hans - Glad you made it. Sorry you couldn't eat much. But at least you didn't miss out on drinks.

Katie - Thanks for bandaging Rod'* wounds. Hillary enjoyed your company. See you next year.

Matt/Wendy - Nice to meet you. Enjoyed your girls at the track Friday and Saturday. Hope to see you next year.

Kevin/Celine - Nice to meet you to. Thanks for that great Tequila. I'll spend the year trying to find one just as smooth to bring to WCBF 2008.

Thomas and family - It was nice to meet you all. Your car was awesome. It is hard to believe a street driven front wheel drive car can launch that hard and go that fast.

We all enjoyed WCBF 2007 and plan to attend in 2008. You are all a great group.

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Well, I have to admit, I still have a WCBF hangover. I can't remember if I was this tired in years past, but I am still recovering (Maybe I am just getting too old for this much fun all in one week'* time)

Anyways, everyone that attended this year'* WCBF played an important role in the experience. No matter how large or how small of a role, you all made this another meet to remember. As usual, I do wish I got to spend more time with each of you. It is amazing how the days just fly by during the meet.

Brother Bill - Another very successful meet in the books. Many, many thanks for all you do (and did) before, during, and after the meet. It is a LOT of work, and most don't realize the lengths you go to insure things (and people) are taken care of. You opened your house to members, as usual, during the entire meet and gave us a place to call home. Many thanks for the money and time you spent on making the awesome awards certificates and your donation of some of the prizes. You and I make a pretty decent team.

Katiewren - Thank you for assisting your old man behind the scenes in shopping and getting the awards assembled (and all the other little things you took care of). It was great having you with us for the entire meet. You were definitely my pick for MVP of the meet.

John - A special thanks for assisting in developing and determining the awards as well as your donation of time and money for prizes. It was especially difficult this year to determine who was getting what award, but together, I think we did pretty good. As always, you and I have this special bond that just picks up, right where we left off, every time we meet and I deeply appreciate your friendship.

Rounds Family: Every year, I get taken aback and surprised by someone. Although I already had an idea from last year, that your family was WCBF material, your whole family floored me. It all started before the meet with your desire to donate prizes (especially the very awesome embroidered caps). Once I had arrived at the meet, it was obvious that your site had already become the KOA gathering place and you welcomed all with open arms and hearts. Then you were cooking breakfast for anyone that wanted it, each morning and stocking up and preparing meals and water for track days. Then you topped it all off with the spaghetti dinner on Sunday night fro everyone, never once asking for anything in return. Looking back, I realize the meet would not have been half as success

Thomas - You finally made it to Oregon, and I am so glad that you decided to join us at the campground for our little gathering this year. It meant a lot to me that you made the extra time and actually wanted to spend time with the Bonneville crowd, even though you had numerous offers and friends from the Grand Prix club. I know that I talk about the Bonneville members and our WC meet all the time to you, and only hope that we lived up to some of my bragging. You made things extra special this year, for me, since I was finally able to bring my Bonneville family and my favorite GP family together. It was so fun to actually be a part of something that is dear to both of us, that is so far away from our normal stomping grounds. I can't wait to do it all over again.

Celin and Keven – Since we first met, there was always a special something that you shared with our little group, and it was awesome that you guys joined us at the campground, and were a part of the Bonneville nuttiness. I am sad that Celin’* car didn’t make it out his year. It is as much a part of the meet as any member. I miss you guys already and look forward to next year.

Travis - I was so glad you made it back this year. I can't thank you enough for your efforts and I know it is a big commitment of your time (especially away from the family) and money to make the the long drive to be in Oregon, but now in your second year, you have become part of WCBF and it wouldn't be the same without you. You definitely opened up more this year and stepped up big time in assisting those that needed help. It was just so awesome to have you back again, and getting to spend time with you.

CaddyMatt - You continue to impress me more and more each year. Despite not owning a Bonneville, you show up each year and continue to be part of our Bonne family. For me, one of the best parts of this year'* meet was you getting to be the "ringer" in piloting the SLEeper. I couldn't think of anyone better to be the "hired gun" to command our extra Bonne down the track. It really made for a great story for our meet. Again, you are one of the classiest young guys I have ever met.

Matt - I really can’t tell you how proud I was to be able to hand off the WCBF trophy to you. It was an honor to pass the “Big One” on to you. Like the others, you and I have developed our own unique friendship that began back in 2005 (both of our first year attending WCBF), that first day when you and Joel rolled up to the campground. Awesome year for you, Matt, just awesome.

Joel – Over the last few year’*, each year you surprise me a little more and more. This year was no different. In addition to filling the roll of “Campground Clown”, you have a very caring side that I saw many times this year and you continue to be big part of what WCBF has become. However, we DO expect the regal to show up next year (if for no other reason then to offset Jared’* running in the GP lane)

Hans - VERY glad you could make it back out this year. You certainly had a rough year but have persevered. Thanks for caravaning with me back through Oregon and Idaho and like I told you, my only regret was that my plans did not allow for a stay-over in Twin Falls, again (P.*. I am really thinking that I should be buying some stock in Cold Stone, since I have a feeling that you have become addicted.)

Jared – Sorry I didn’t make more time to get to know you better, but you definitely seem to fit right in. Awesome Bonne you have. Now……about running in the GP lane…..if there is any way we can get you to move over to “our” side for next year, let us know (we have really cool awards and awesome prizes…..well, most of the prizes were goofy, but we certainly do have a lot of fun).

Matt, Wendy, and girls - Matt, another big highlight for me was giving you a couple of rides in down the track on Test-N-Tune Friday. I could see the excitement in your eyes and know that next year you WILL be running at least one of the Bonne’* down the track. I am volunteering Wren to fix your cars by next year so there can be no excuses. Your wife and girls are awesome and it was really neat to have them at the meet. I think my own daughters may be convinced to show if I know your daughters would be back again.

Shadd - What can I say? I am pretty sure you know how I feel about you and it definitely wouldn’t be a WCBF without you, so I won’t drag it out. Some friendships don’t need to have a whole lot said. Again, your dedication to the our group and the meet is unsurpassed.

Paul and Laura – Paul, although we did not get to see the “flag dance” this year, your enthusiasm and zest for life continues to be inspiring. It is fantastic that you have made every WCBF, and continue to have the passion and return with your Bonne a little better and a little badder each year. Laura, you usually remain behind the scenes…a little quiet and a little reserved at times, but so much appreciated for all you do. It is always great to see you and you are truly a class act.

Stan and Kim - Although you didn’t actually make the meet, for me, you were just as much part of it as if you were there. Your generosity and hospitality really are unsurpassed. Hopefully, I convinced both of you to make it out next year with “The Jolly Roger”. The biggest issue is who will drive it at the track….from our conversations, it sounds as if Kim is a natural.

INTENSE - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your donation of prizes. We may not be the biggest meet or event you could sponsor, but we just may have the biggest heart and be the most appreciative. I feel really honored that you think enough about us to provide such amazing prizes for our top awards.

AudioFiles - I was hoping to get tint this year, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Thank you so much for offering your services to our special group. It is appreciated more than you can know.

To those that didn’t make it - Before the meet began, I knew that many of you would not be there this year, but I had no idea how much you would be missed. Even if you only attended last year, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of each of you, especially as the events unfolded and memories of previous years flooded back. Once you have been to WCBF, you are a part of something very special and even though I know many of you will never be able to make it back, you will be a part of every WCBF to come.
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Originally Posted by Echo SSEI
To those that didn’t make it - Before the meet began, I knew that many of you would not be there this year, but I had no idea how much you would be missed. Even if you only attended last year, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of each of you, especially as the events unfolded and memories of previous years flooded back. Once you have been to WCBF, you are a part of something very special and even though I know many of you will never be able to make it back, you will be a part of every WCBF to come.
I couldn't have said that better myself with a week of thinking and editing behind it. Profound, well-thought words, Brother Bob.

Miss all you folks already. Katie even commented on how quiet it is here now. :(

Well, at least I have Pfam'* GenV supercharger, Travis' pillow and towel, Bob'* chair, Paul'* 100-octane gas can, and someone'* old pizza for reminders.
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